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SellUsYourJewelry Is Expert Among Diamond Buyers

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SellUsYourJewelry Is Expert Among Diamond Buyers

June 03
22:00 2020
Diamond – The Noblest Among Stones

For centuries, diamond has been the dream of men and women around the world. Due to the rarity, exceptional brilliance and durability, it is considered one of the most precious gemstones.

Its name comes from the Latin word meaning “invincible” or “indestructible”. Diamonds play a special role in jewelry. Also, due to the ever-increasing price, they are an attractive form of financial investment with a high rate of return.

One of the most trusted companies in Florida is Sell Us Your Jewelry, which is # 1 among Diamond Buyers.

SellUsYourJewelry is an expert in the field of diamonds. He pays special attention to the highest quality of stone valuation, which undergoes a multi-stage evaluation process of qualified diamond buyers.

Criteria for diamond buyers

There are criteria around the world that objectively determine the value and specification of each diamond – they are referred to as the 4C principle:

• Carat

• Clarity

• Color

• Cut


The weight is given in carats. One carat is 0.2 grams. Carat is a unit that is divided into 100 points, so e.g. a 20-point diamond will have a mass of 1.20 carats, usually designated as 0.20 ct.

The name of this unit of measure for the mass of precious stones has its origin in ancient Greek, where the word keratin means Mediterranean plant. Its seeds, both very fine and hard, were known for their extremely even, almost identical weight and were used as weights.

The largest diamond ever found was named “Cullinan”. The rough cut had a mass of 3106 carats and was cut into 105 diamonds. In most cases, diamonds lose about 50% of their weight when grinding. “Cullinan” lost up to 65% during processing.

The largest diamond obtained from it is the “African Star” with a mass of 530 carats. It adorns the British royal scepter.


Microscopic inclusions also called “inclusions”, are an inherent feature of precious stones. They were formed in the process of stone formation. Multiple magnifications allow you to specify the purity class – the diamond is more valuable, the fewer inclusions it has.

Perfectly clean diamonds are rare. Particularly popular are those that in the criterion determining purity are in the SI range – small inclusions (usually in combination with the color H).

If the purity is marked as SI or higher, the “inclusions” are usually not visible to the naked eye. Customers who put stone purity above its mass will probably decide to buy VS purity stone – very small inclusions (often in combination with G color) or higher.


It is determined using a special scale. Most diamonds have a delicate, brownish, or yellowish tinge. The rule is that the whiter the diamond, the greater its value.

The exception can be stoned with very intense colors. Definition: fancy color, is used for stones whose color is natural, not achieved by artificial coloring technology (HP / HT method).

H-white diamonds (usually in combination with SI purity) are very popular. Equally often I or J diamonds are chosen – light subdued white. Customers who put the color of the stone first, often opt for G-colored stones – delicate white (usually in combination with VS purity).


The diamond turns into a diamond thanks to the brilliant-cut. It should extract the best aesthetic values from the stone and provide a beneficial optical effect. The full-cut consists of 58 surfaces (56 facets, panes, and collet).

There are stones on the market that, after cutting, retain the largest possible mass of raw diamonds. They can be recognized by thick consists and small panes.

The wrong cut causes the diamond to drop in value by up to half. Grinding evaluation is the most difficult part of the stone valuation process. It is also the most important – it is the quality of the cut that largely determines this special property of the diamond – its brilliance.

The most popular shapes:

• Round

• Pave

• Oval

• Asscher

• Emerald

• Princess

• Pear

• Radiant

• Heart

• Marquise

Important Certificates for Diamond Buyers

Many diamonds are certified by one of the two most respected independent gemological institutes in the world:

• IGI – International Gemological Institute

• GIA – Gemological Institute of America

The IGI or GIA certificate is a kind of ennoblement for stone; it also increases its value as a capital investment and increases the prestige of the jewelry itself.

The Most Known Company Among Diamond Buyers – SellUsYourJewelry

SellUsYourJewelry is the most trusted company in Florida, located in Surfside / Bal Harbour. Their customers come from all over the United States come to us: New York, Texas, Washington, California, and of course Miami, Miami Beach, Sunny Isles, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Naples.

You can also sell your diamonds online via their website www.sellusyourjewelry.com. Sell Us Your Jewelry has highly specialized, always smiling and helpful staff who will always help you.

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