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New Zealand – The World’s Leading Innovation and Investment Destination

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New Zealand – The World’s Leading Innovation and Investment Destination

August 10
16:50 2020

New Zealand is fast asserting itself as a top innovation and investment destination, with a broad foreign business community directly investing in the country’s economy spanning various industries. The country is an advanced market economy that has made a name for itself on a world stage, especially in terms of innovation, thereby making it the perfect choice for a feasible and attractive investment.

About 30 years ago, a savvy investor would never have even considered investing in the country’s services or products, because the country itself was still trying to shake off its well-known image of “the little brother to Australia.” The past 10 years have seen the country forge its own identity, with widespread state-of-the-art infrastructure, traversing various industries, which in turn tripled the country’s investment.

New Zealand is becoming well-known for its investment opportunities and home toscientific discoveriesthrough innovation. The notable Zealanders that contributed to major scientific discoveries includeWilliam Pickering for rocket science, Ernest Rutherford for splitting the atom, Alan MacDiarmid for conducting polymers, Maurice Wilkins for helping elucidate the DNA structure and Beatrice Tinsley for galaxy formation, amongst several others.

The broad range of industrial investment opportunities presented by New Zealand have interested investors and innovators, who have becomemore versatile as the country grows to become a major player on the world stagethrough cutting edge innovation. For new investors that are willing to invest in the country, there are government agencies and a rich ecosystem that supports innovations, entrepreneurship, and new investments. These include the following:

  • The Ministry for Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE). This ministry is structured to include strong support for innovationsthat lead to social, economic and environmental development, among other
  • The Edmund Hillary fellowship (EHF). This was formed with inspiration from the story of Sir Edmund Hillary and is designed to help entrepreneurs ‘overcome mountains’ like he did, and bring their impactingglobal venturesto life, from New Zealand.
  • EHF Catalysts. Aside from government partners, the EHF also comprises catalysts spanning industry leaders who leverage their exclusive networks, expertise, and resources to further the impact of the EHF fellows. These include: The Ministry for Primary Industries; Bank of New Zealand; Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development; Centrality; Ernest and Young; Lane Neave; Digital Story Tellers and Avid Legal. By way of catalyzing the work of the EHF fellows, they support mission-driven innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors to contribute towards a better world through the creation of positive global solutions aligned with the sustainable development goals.
  • Immigration New Zealand (INZ). Housed by MBIE, INZ has worked together with EHF towards creating the new visa – the Global Impact Visa.New Zealand is the only country to implement the Global Impact Visa, the world’s first and only visa that is focused on creating a positive global impact. The 3-year work visa was designed for innovative entrepreneurs, investors, and change-makers who are building positively impacting global solutions and provides holders with a pathway to becoming a permanent resident in Aotearoa, New Zealand. The visa is administered by INZ, and only EHF fellows are exclusively eligible to apply for it.

Innovation in New Zealand is unique because of the following reasons: the government gives a damn about what people invest in; there is respect for culture in every gathering; less ego in the hierarchy; the companies care about purpose; emotion is celebrated in New Zealand; for Kiwis, pride stems from culture and community rather than from ‘self,’ the ecosystem favors collaboration over competition, and the country features among the top 5 in the least corrupt countries. For innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors that need a good place for ventures and investments, New Zealand is their best bet.

Apart from the rich, innovative ecosystem, the country has an attractive destination to call home as it tops the world’s ranking for quality of life. Other than being asafe, clean, and wholesome environment, the country is insanely beautiful, which makes it an attractive place to work from, live, and raise a family.

For more details, visit www.innovationewzealand.com

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