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How DistricFour Went Beyond the Fears of Failure for a Music Career

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How DistricFour Went Beyond the Fears of Failure for a Music Career

November 25
08:03 2020
How DistricFour Went Beyond the Fears of Failure for a Music Career

There are several reasons why people hesitate when it comes to pursuing their passion. There are finances to consider and time, but everyone fears failure above all. Venturing into something they love with little to no experience but more than a handful of knowledge, the future seems like such a fearful thing that they refuse to take a risk. Musician DistricFour understands that feeling all too well before making the big step.

Born in the famed small town of Southport, North Carolina, DistricFour grew up basking in the different sounds of music. He fell in love with multiple genres, mainly rap, hip-hop, and R&B. He would dabble in music for the fun of it with his friends, practicing their verses and just enjoying their rhythm. When he got into the 11th grade, DistricFour started taking music a little more seriously.

Having already delved into music and practicing his skills, DistricFour took his game to a higher level and started to experiment with his style, rhythm, and overall sound. The young, aspiring musician honed his crafts, and people around him saw the potential. Although DistricFour couldn’t see it himself, his friends and family encouraged him to push for a music career. While he had his fears and doubts, DistricFour received tremendous support, giving him the motivation to give music a try.

After completing high school, DistricFour moved to Dallas, Texas. There he attended film school at the Art Institute of Dallas. Although a music career was the endgame, DistricFour knew he needed to build connections to reach his goals. To get there, he took an apprenticeship under a major video producer. Under tutelage, DistricFour started making connections and networking. From there, he began to work hand-in-hand with a lot of major artists. 

DistricFour took time off to do some soul-searching, moving from one state to another as he contemplated what he would do. He already had connections, but the fear of failure had returned. It took time, but eventually, DistricFour decided to move back home. Upon returning, he realized that it was time to pursue music more seriously. The aspiring musician started writing more songs.

In 2017, DistricFour would get a child. But the birth of his daughter coincided with the death of his grandfather. Grieving, he wrote a song titled “No New Friends” and, from there, began to write songs as an outlet for his emotions. After that, he sought to be managed and found a major company out of Atlanta by the name of Authentic Empire which consists of major artists like EuroGotit, GeezyEscobar, new signed 1017 artist, Foogiano and many more. 

Since then, DistricFour has been laying the foundation for his brand. Building his catalog and recording any chance he gets, the musician is unapologetic for the music he creates. DistricFour knows it is more organic when people create for themselves. Although the world is enormous and filled with people from different walks of life, he believes music is the one catalyst that brings people together. People can connect with others who share the same experiences and emotions thanks to the gift of music.

Since then, he has released a single called “SN,” which features Euro Gotit. It has accumulated over 103k views on YouTube and 109k streams on Spotify. DistricFour continues to work on his music, targeting two songs to hit the billboard soon.

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