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Beware of These Precarious Third Parties when Browsing the Web

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Beware of These Precarious Third Parties when Browsing the Web

October 06
16:32 2021

Ever since human society heavily depended on the internet, everything that is seen online cannot be considered as safe anymore. People started relying on the internet so much that they unconsciously put even their valuable information out in the open not knowing that this move could cause huge inflictions to themselves.

With the increasing number of people gaining internet access comes an uncountable number of hacking and stealing. Cyberthieves have adapted to improved security measures and thus evolved their breaching methods.  

Cyberthieves are considered as one of the notorious kinds of online third parties. These groups just mindlessly breach and steal web data from ordinary people up to the biggest corporations that have weak and vulnerable online security walls.

These third parties are considered so furtive that even the most powerful national investigation teams couldn’t get ahold of them.

Unfortunately for online users, cyberthieves are not the only third parties roaming around the web. There are plenty of these kinds that one might overlook and not find suspicious at all. And it’s no surprise for users to disdain them because these third parties seem inculpable, looking like they won’t do anything malicious on the web.

Here’s a  list of third parties that may cause danger to one’s online data:

  1. Website and app cookies

Cookies are considered as the most aggressive marketing strategy among brands. When a user accepts cookie permissions, websites and apps will now acquire access to one’s online information and activities. This is the reason why users checking out something on cookie-induced websites will be bombarded by posts and advertisements related to what they’ve just browsed.

Websites and apps that use cookies have partnerships with huge bidders that are looking to steal data from different people causing online identity theft and the likes.

  1. Internet service providers (ISPs)

ISPs have the capability to record and keep track of their subscriber’s activities on the web. And not only that, they can also change the user’s internet speed, aka bandwidth throttling. For example, when an ISP sees traffic on one’s online data, it will decrease the subscriber’s internet speed. The reason behind this is to reduce or totally avoid local network congestion.

ISPs might mean well with their reasons for tracking their subscribers’ online information. But most of these providers affiliate with other suspicious third parties that are accused of mining data. These data miners usually utilize the information they’ve gathered to manipulate or control certain communities.

  1. The government

Believe it or not, several national governments are the biggest bidders and miners of online personal data. They do this to get through their constituents’ important information such as name, address, and location.

In countries where dictatorship is practiced, no one is allowed to say anything against the government and its officials. Governments use their power to purchase online data just so they could keep track of people’s online activities and check whether someone has voiced out their incriminating opinions about the people of high power.

In a government form like this, citizens who say or post condemning statements will be punished under the law.

These third parties are inevitable when someone browses the web, that’s for sure. The good thing is, online users need not live in fear and jitters because of the dangerous circumstances that these third parties make and do online.

A Virtual Private Network or VPN would be a huge help for online users to guarantee safety and privacy. A VPN is a software tool that has the capability to hide one’s information and activities on the web. By this, no third parties would be able to see, record, or even steal their data.

A VPN app like GoingVPN can help users fully attain cybersecurity. GoingVPN provides a tight encryption process, max-speed technology, and unlimited data bandwidth for FREE. Also, users can assure total data privacy as GoingVPN does not sell online information to any bidders.

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