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Stretch Sofa Cover – COPRIDIVANO ELASTICIZZATO – Characteristics and Why to Choose it

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Stretch Sofa Cover – COPRIDIVANO ELASTICIZZATO – Characteristics and Why to Choose it

October 26
03:58 2021

Details can completely transform the environment, filling the room with what is truly beautiful.

A small element like the sofa cover can change one’s perception of the living room, giving it a cleaner and cleaner look.


The modern stretch copridivano elasticizzato has the ability to adapt perfectly to the shape of the sofa, they become one. Someone will no longer notice the difference between the original cover and the sofa cover, especially when the client can figure out exactly how to place it.

It is possible to choose between very different colors, so that everyone has the opportunity to express their personal tastes. The fabric will do the rest, wrapping itself around the sofa and protecting it from wear and time.

The advantages of stretch fabric

Stretch copridivano elasticizzato are among the top choices of many families. This is because the fabric is very simple and very comfortable to clean.

If there are animals in the house, which can ruin the sofa by losing fur, or there are children, the comfort of the elasticated cover is absolutely undeniable.

If it gets dirty or stained, it can be removed in a few seconds, then cleaned in the washing machine with a not too aggressive wash.

For small stains it is also possible to intervene directly by hand, using a soft cloth and a special degreaser.

The fabric, spandex, can safely be used in both summer and winter. Its being breathable and light makes it suitable for all seasons. It does not stick to the skin in summer and warms in winter; a very useful mix, which will make one feels immediately at home.


“Buying a practical stretch sofa cover gives you the opportunity to customize your home, making it look more elegant.”

The copridivano elasticizzato can also camouflage the appearance of old sofas, which may have suffered some minor damage. It is not unusual for the original cover to get scratched, and the sofa cover is for just that.


The result is a completely new, rejuvenated and very comfortable copridivano elasticizzato. Testing this type of product will bring novelty and change to the interior of the apartment, surprising every member of the family.

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