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The Gift Of Melodies is the Top Children’s Book of the Year

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The Gift Of Melodies is the Top Children’s Book of the Year

October 26
09:13 2021
The Gift Of Melodies is the Top Children's Book of the Year

The Gift of Melodies is a children’s book by King Mizzie that is now available on Amazon. This best-selling book has received 5 stars and highly positive ratings. King Mizzie did an exceptional job tackling one of the toughest issues to talk to children about. 

In this story, a young tiger is coping with the grief of his favorite uncle’s death. This was a tiger that he looked up to and considered a role model. The young tiger is overwhelmed with grief and doesn’t know how to deal with the feeling until his father shows him how to channel his emotions into music.

Why parents (and children) all over the country are recommending The Gift of Melodies

King Mizzie is a hip-hop artist who has a lot of experience channeling his emotions in music. Whether he’s feeling great or over the edge, he has always been able to turn to creating music as a way to cope with any situation. He wanted to inspire children to channel their emotions into a form of art as well, which is why he decided to write a children’s book.

One issue that King Mizzie knew parents had a difficult time approaching with their kids is how to deal after the loss of a loved one. This is especially true if the parent is grieving as well. When children learn to express their emotions in a creative way, they can let them out in a positive manner.

In The Gift of Melodies, Timmy Tiger’s father is a music artist who teaches his son about using music as an outlet to express his emotions. When he’s missing his uncle, Timmy begins to put those feelings into a song. 

Kids feel inspired by The Gift of Melodies

There are so many different ways that children can channel their emotions in a positive way. Art is one of the best therapies. Children who are grieving or having a difficult time are learning to express themselves through singing, writing, painting, and other creative outlooks. 

After reading The Gift of Melodies, many kids are getting in touch with their creative side. Even kids who have yet to experience a loss are finding ways to channel what they are feeling into music, just like their new favorite character Timmy Tiger does. King Mizzie is proud to know that his story is making an impact on so many kids’ lives.

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