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ExpedReview is the first one stop platform for prices and reviews of expeditions across the globe

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ExpedReview is the first one stop platform for prices and reviews of expeditions across the globe

November 29
23:45 2021
ExpedReview enables climbers and trekkers compare reviews, prices and ratings for expeditions around the world, from Mt. Everest to the South Pole.

A platform for climbers and trekkers by climbers and trekkers, ExpedReview is enabling adventure enthusiasts to indulge their interests in a safer and informed way. ExpedReview is a first-of-its-kind platform to cater to the massive influx of first-time and repeat climbers and trekkers. Through this service, clients can easily access reliable prices and reviews of expeditions around the world.

According to ExpedReview founder Blake Penson, who is also an Everest Summiteer and Seven Summits climber, “there is not much transparency in the industry and ExpedReview provides a clear window into previous expedition’s safety and value thanks to community feedback.”

He continues to add, “Expedreview is made by climbers and trekkers for climbers and trekkers. We feel that with expeditions being so costly, time-consuming, and potentially hazardous, there is a need for a dedicated platform for clients to rate and review their expedition experiences. With so many guiding companies out there, we want to ensure that the best of the best shine and quality and safety remain paramount.”

In their efforts to meet their promise of being a one-stop research platform for destinations, price comparisons, and finding the right guide for expeditions, ExpedReview has integrated AI to ensure the quality of reviews. This helps flag any fake reviews and verify all users. Penson says that this is paramount to improving the safety of climbers and trekkers in every expedition.

Speaking about the creation of this free service, Penson says that it was born out of a passion for expeditions. Being a climber himself, he notes that being armed with all the right information before embarking on a trip is crucial. This is because some expeditions can take over to two months, for instance, when climbing Mt. Everest, not to mention the huge risks involved. In order to weigh and address any safety issues, ExpedReview provides the platform for people to plot their expeditions easily.

Essentially, clients access the platform and check reviews from others, compare prices, duration, inclusions, and find the right guide for their next adventure. In addition to this, ExpedReview also provides information on the best locations to visit worldwide and the best times for various excursions. The platform also offers information on the recommended equipment, climbing routes, and so much more.

All information is available on ExpedReview. The platform is built to cater to all climbers and trekkers by offering detailed information on travel and safety guidelines. “Our priority is safety,” concludes Penson.

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