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Spires Math Tutors Fill In Education Gaps

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Spires Math Tutors Fill In Education Gaps

November 30
01:00 2021

London – 29 November, 2021 – Dr. Leo Evans (PhD Finance Imperial), Chief Financial Officer, Spires.co was of the opinion that the lecture-based structure of university math education, and textbook focussed approach at secondary level, didn’t do students justice – targeting the average student and leaving those who are less able or more capable feeling isolated and unfulfilled. The Maths tutors on Leo’s Spires Online Tutors platform fill this gap and ensure students succeed.

“I was always passionate about Maths but I noticed teachers often didn’t display that same passion and the lessons could be very dry. For my students, I used to work hard to keep the work engaging and focus on supporting their confidence and comprehension at the rate that best suited them.”

“It is clear that it is better to nurture students and that is where our maths tutoring stands out. Our experienced professional tutors offer support with the wide range of mathematical subjects that are taught as academic courses at all levels. I believe everyone can succeed with the right guidance,” continues Leo.

“Students who want to achieve their goals will really benefit from tailor-made tuition. The use of our online whiteboard, Bitpaper, ensures a smooth experience during class and recorded video lessons give students the opportunity to play back lessons whenever they like to ensure they fully understand the work,” he said.

“Different students are motivated at different times, we have maths tutors with flexible schedules available to meet the needs of our clients. Our platform is in use 24 hours per day and we have mathematical experts from around the globe delivering tuition.”

Spires offers tutoring in all areas of mathematical study, including:

Further Mathematics
Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA)
Mathematical Studies
Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches
Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations

Students can easily find the best maths tutors available online

Spires Online Tutors is an online platform that allows pupils to work with the best tutors and interact in our virtual classroom. We are a multiple award-winning start-up.

Spires was set up in 2014 by Oxbridge graduates with the objective to bring the highest level of academic and examination preparation tutoring to students at all levels in all places. The platform has a strenuous tutor selection procedure and strictly accepts 4% of the tutors who apply.

Professional tutors are available to teach more than 300 topics and assist prepare for official exams at the following levels:

Primary School
Secondary School
– GCSE, iGCSE, IB, A-Level, Nationals and all other examinations in all English speaking countries, or English speaking schools everywhere
University – Admissions, Oxbridge entrance tests, Dissertations, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Doctoral
Professional Training
Chartered Qualifications

Our subject-specialist tutors provide guidance and support with understanding core topics and themes, as well as facilitating self-study routines and habits. Our experts assist students with coursework review, project planning, and project planning.

Our tutors work with students and families from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, or any other English-speaking country or school system.

Our tutors are experts in their fields and have extensive experience helping students all over the world at the best universities. Our tutors include hundreds of Oxbridge and Ivy League graduates.

Our Tutoring platform connects students and tutors wherever they are in the world and allows them to schedule, record, and pay for online classes through one simple portal. Professional, Affordable, and Fast.


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