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Global Promotion Event of “Explore The Taste of Taizhou, Enjoy A Culinary Journey Together”

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Global Promotion Event of “Explore The Taste of Taizhou, Enjoy A Culinary Journey Together”

December 03
21:09 2021

Taizhou has beautiful scenery and gorgeous landscapes, where the people are well endowed. Each place has its streams in from all over the country. The delicious and attractive shrimp, the crisp and refreshing vegetables, the fatty yet non-greasy crab, the morning tea, and the recreational food with excellent color and aroma… There are countless cuisines in Taizhou.

The essence of Taizhou’s morning tea is to cook with refinement and eat with delicacy, which is also the consensus of the locals who are well versed in morning tea. Taizhou’s morning tea is divided into eight categories, including tea and drinks, cold appetizers, dried bean curds, pastry, noodles, eggs, pancakes, and congee. The classic recipe for Taizhou’s morning tea is “One cup of tea, one dish of dried bean curds, one bowl of noodles, and three kinds of pastries”. One cup of tea matches with hot bean curds, and one dish of hot bean curds is called a tea monk; three pastries are three kinds of Taizhou’s traditional breakfast, namely baozi, steamed dumplings and shaomai; one bowl of noodles is fish-soup noodles.

On October 12, 2021, Taizhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau issued a press conference to inform that, based on the original standard, Taizhou’s morning tea will add dried noodles, Fuxiang tea, etc. In November, the “Taizhou’s Morning Tea” store opened for business in Beijing and Shanghai, providing nearly 120 kinds of authentic dishes of Taizhou’s morning tea. It is reported that “Taizhou’s Morning Tea” will also successively land in Taizhou, Nanjing, Shenzhen and other cities, taking an important step in the export of Taizhou’s morning tea culture to the outside world. “Taizhou’s Morning Tea” has made a critical move for promoting the morning-tea culture in Taizhou to the whole country. Taizhou Cultural Tourism Group will take the opening of Taizhou’s Morning Tea in Beijing as an opportunity to build it into a gourmet business card of “Enjoy Taizhou’s Morning Tea, Visit Taizhou Soon”, and establish it as a publicity link to promote Taizhou, a gourmet link to connect the two regions, and a cultural link to enhance the cultural exchanges.

Taizhou is known for its abundant river food; and its people, who admire and respect nature, use local ingredients such as eel and crucian carp to make fish soup, which is white as milk, fatty yet not greasy, fresh yet not fishy. A bowl of fish soup matches perfectly with a cluster of noodles. With the grace of the noodles, the fish soup tastes smooth and pleasant as it wanders between the lips and teeth. The aura of nature has contributed to the fresh and delicious taste on the tongue of Taizhou people. Taizhou is also China’s largest crab producer, with Qinhu crab, red crab, as well as pork patties with crab roe, crab soup dumplings and other ‘crab’ cuisine gaining great fame… The “whole crab feast” is a must-have theme of the dinner table. The fresh and fatty crabs are served in innovative styles, such as drunken Huadiao crab, fried crab with rice cake and spicy crab.

In addition, Taizhou also released the Top 10 landmark dishes, including crispy long fish, greatly-boiled bean curds, five flavors of bean curds, Shagou fish ball, Zhongzhuang drunken crab, Ji City dark soysauce chicken, braised puffer fish, stewed pork patties with crab roe, eight delicious flavors from Qinghu, Jiangqu sea pork with roast mushroom. Taizhou’s Top 10 landmark pasta snacks are crab baozi, crab soup dumplings, fish soup noodles, Huangqiao baked pancake, Wang baked pancake, Shuangma crispy pancake, vegetable shaomai, Jiangyan crispy pancake, Yangcao baozi, shrimp steamed dumplings.

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