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Flux Panda makes it fun and fast for e-retailers to add live selling functionality to their sites

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Flux Panda makes it fun and fast for e-retailers to add live selling functionality to their sites

December 09
14:06 2021
Flux Panda is a live selling platform that enables e-commerce businesses to add live selling functionality to their site and fast-track their social commerce efforts.


Using Flux Panda, e-retailers can showcase their products live on multiple social platforms or turn recorded live videos into shoppable content, helping to maximize their reach and offer consumers a seamless shopping experience. 

“Live selling is everywhere, taking the sales and marketing by storm for retail businesses big and small,” explains spokesperson for the company, Alexander Rauser.

“Flux Panda doesn’t just allow you to live stream your videos on multiple social media platforms simultaneously. It equips you with the widgets, APIs and SDKs to create a truly unique shopping experience for your customers, keep track of inventory, and ensure on-time delivery of orders.”

“Live selling is your opportunity to cultivate customer relationships by building your own social shopping community and even partnering with influencers to boost sales. Being able to respond to chats or engage your audience directly can help expand your customer base exponentially.”

Why live selling works?

Live selling has been around since the inception of late-night TV. And has evolved to become an increasingly popular and impactful selling practice for e-commerce sites.

“Online live selling is a force to be reckoned with because it works. It is compelling, accessible, convenient, and encourages a sense of community as well as some friendly competition.”

“Live selling has a certain entertainment value that makes it highly engaging for customers. Plus, it allows customers to see a more genuine presentation of products in use, in real time.”

A livestreaming e-commerce platform provides a space where people from around the globe can meet and interact. It is also an avenue for testimonials and tips that can translate into sales.

“There is an air of excitement and urgency that exists during live selling sessions as customers are ‘up against’ each other for a desired item. You can further create exclusivity by developing one-on-one live selling sessions and virtual tours of your store.” 

Social commerce 101

The latest developments show that social media and shopping are melding to produce what is perhaps the most streamlined way to shop online: social commerce

“Rather than simply acting as a marketing channel to drive traffic to your virtual shopfront, the entire buying process, from discovery to checkout and even posting reviews, happens here.”

“Social commerce may be the new kid on the e-commerce block, but it’s destined to become the norm. You need to realize its importance for your business today and plan your marketing strategy accordingly to reap the rewards in the future,” adds Alexander.

Fast and functional

Flux Panda is the quickest live selling platform to set up and available as a Shopify Plugin.

“You can add live selling videos to your existing e-commerce store in minutes or go live without a site thanks to our built-in shopping cart. Having a standalone store is no longer a must when you’re selling online. So long as you have internet access and an ecommerce app of your choice, you can join the craze,” concludes Alexander.


Flux Panda is a live selling enterprise solution that e-commerce businesses can use to add live selling functionality to their site and fast-track their social commerce efforts. Flux Panda works with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and other popular e-commerce platforms.

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Address:9450 SW Gemini Dr, PMB 32701
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