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Bestselling author Ina Hansen knows a narcissist when she sees one

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Bestselling author Ina Hansen knows a narcissist when she sees one

January 06
15:00 2022
As a life coach, she helps women recognize that they are in toxic relationships by explaining trauma bonding and love bombs

It seems like a crazy question: Why would a woman stay in a relationship with a toxic, manipulative, controlling partner—a narcissist? The answer, as Ina Hansen knows, is actually very complicated.

There is an inner void that the narcissist is filling. For Ina, it was an unstable chaotic childhood with unconscious unavailable parents. A narcissist — very attentive to a woman’s needs at first — will love bomb you immediately (compliment you constantly), mirror your likes, dislikes and act very agreeable. At least that’s how it seems in the beginning.

“It all stems from your childhood,” Ina says. “Was it that you didn’t have a father growing up or your parents were unavailable to you emotionally? It doesn’t have to be a traumatic event, It could just be that your parents didn’t know how to love you because of their own unhealed trauma. If your parents/caregivers didn’t teach you as a young child how to fill yourself up and never felt good enough, you will constantly be seeking external validation, which is why “you are a perfect target for someone who is toxic and who wants to latch onto you.”

When a narcissist has you hooked, an emotional bond, called trauma bonding forms between you and the abuser.

And when the narcissist eventually shows his true colors, (explodes over something most people wouldn’t) you come up with excuses for him: “He’s never done this before, it must be stress, he’s had a tough day”. And when he decides to end the silent treatment after his blowup, which can last for days, and starts “love bombing” her again, making her feel good enough, you resume the relationship like nothing happened. It’s like getting a hit of the drug you are now addicted to. No wonder it is so hard to break free.

In her coaching practice, Ina helps women figure out “why” they were attracted to the narcissist, so she can help them heal through a trauma-informed lens, and never again be a target for a toxic person. “Do the inner work on yourself to break that bond,” she says. “There is a beautiful life waiting for you.” When you are free from the drama, you have the space and peace to start healing, think about your dreams and your values. As Ina puts it, “You are no longer stuck in survival mode, (fight, flight, freeze, and fawn), as if you are being chased by a tiger” It is time to start your new chapter.

My Quote: Everything I’m going through is happening for me, to keep healing and growing living my m

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