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Legal Experts Direct emerges as one-stop portal for premium expert witnesses

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Legal Experts Direct emerges as one-stop portal for premium expert witnesses

January 07
23:06 2022
Legal Experts Direct is bridging the gap between attorneys and expert witnesses by connecting the former with a long list of reliable witnesses from various industries, ranging from medical to finance to forensics to aviation to insurance, and so on.

Beaverton, Oregon – January 07, 2022 – Attorneys having a hard time in finding credible expert witnesses to evaluate claims and testify in court can finally heave a breath of relief. Legal Experts Direct assures an extensive list of witnesses willing to assist lawyers in their cases with their expert industry knowledge and experience. The leading online legal expert directory is bustling with expert witnesses from all industries possible. 

In an exclusive interview, the leading spokesperson from the company shared that Legal Experts Direct is driven by the mission to connect expert witnesses with lawyers who are looking for an expert opinion to leverage their case. 

“Our goal here is to help lawyers who are searching for expert witnesses for their cases. We have a huge online database of ready expert witnesses to expedite your witness search process and enable you to connect with an authentic expert who will assist you in your case with his/her valuable opinion. All the experts listed on our site command years of experience and esteemed credentials, we assure you the most reliable expert witness support through our platform”, stated the leading spokesperson from Legal Experts Direct.  

“As an established marketing firm with over a decade of experience, we’ve been helping legal experts showcase their knowledge and capabilities to potential clients for years. We created Legal Experts Direct to be a comprehensive legal directory that takes the hassle out of searching for litigation support.” 

Per the statements of the spokesperson, Legal Experts Direct is backed by expert witnesses from a wide range of industries, ranging from finance, insurance, medical, tech, and more. The online platform is equipped to provide expert witness assistance for all kinds of legal cases, ranging from medical malpractice lawsuits to personal injury cases to insurance frauds to criminal cases to civil cases, and so on.  

“Our directory spans every category from forensic experts, financial experts, medical experts and everything in between. Whatever your situation may be, we have the right expert for you.” 

One of the major USPs of Legal Experts Direct is that the platform offers a curated list of only the  most highly qualified expert witnesses. 

“When you find yourself in need of expert legal assistance you should never settle for the first name you come across. Our site was conceived for the purpose of helping you find highly qualified and experienced expert witnesses that best suit your specific set of needs. All our expert witnesses listed here are backed by premier industry insights, knowledge, and experience, and hence can support your legal case with authentic and knowledgeable witness support. You can count on us to ensure best representation before the court.” 

Legal Experts Direct allows lawyers or attorneys to search for expert witnesses based on a variety of parameters, such as industry, specialty, and location. The online directory also allows one to search expert witnesses by his or her name. This will be especially helpful if lawyers are looking for a popular expert witness for their case. 

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to search and find an expert witness for a legal case through Legal Experts Direct. 

  • As a user enters the site, s/he would have to enter preferred choices in all or one of the given fields – Search by Industry, Search by Type, and Search by Location
  • After entering the filters, click on the search button in red
  • The platform will immediately link the visitor to list of expert witnesses matching the criteria of search parameters

Once the user reaches the list of expert witnesses, s/he would have to choose a  profile.  As s/he clicks on a profile, s/he will be able to read through a detailed biography of the expert, and examine a list of his/her accomplishments, experiences, and areas of expertise. The profiles also contain information about the previous casework of the witnesses. Users can run a comparison study on various experts from the same field to find out the most compatible one for their specific case. 

“With Legal Experts Direct you can search for expert witnesses by name, industry, and state. You’ll be able to browse through page after page of experts in your desired field and read through their resumes and previous casework.”

“We have enlisted our expert witnesses with detailed profiles so that you can have an extensive idea about their expertise and caliber before signing them up for your case. From accomplishments to specialized areas, you will have information on all. We want to help you land up with an informed decision when it comes to choosing something as crucial as an expert witness for a legal case.”

All the witness profiles enlisted on Legal Experts Direct feature links of the witness’ personal website (if any) and contact details. This way, users can directly contact and interact with the witnesses straight through Legal Experts Direct website. 

Speaking further, the spokesperson shared that Legal Experts Direct presents a completely user-friendly platform that can be operated by anybody with basic computing knowledge. Added to the witness search through search boxes, users will also be able to study the witness list right from the homepage of the site. The Legal Experts Direct homepage features a list of featured expert witnesses enlisted with the site.

“Our online database was designed to be an easy-to-use platform that allows our clients to connect and share their expertise with those in need of legal assistance.” 

Legal Experts Direct has also come up with an active blog to help out the expert witnesses willing to offer help to attorneys in legal cases. There are posts for both new and veteran witnesses with topics ranging from, the most viable charge/fee for being an expert witness to how to become an expert witness, and more. 

For further information, please visit https://legalexpertsdirect.com 

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