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Maddy Bergen Launches Angel Alliance That Supports Women Founders in Web3

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Maddy Bergen Launches Angel Alliance That Supports Women Founders in Web3

June 20
18:09 2022

London, England – June 20, 2022 – Maddy Bergen is a two-time Founder with a background in VC. Her experience is in building  businesses and working with startup Founders. Before working with a Fintech start-up, she  scaled a fitness business from 0 to 50 clients in her first year of operations at only 18 years of  age.  

She has since transitioned into VC as an Analyst and is now an Advisor for Creator Fund, a  Venture Capital FinTech company. This experience has given her an insight into how the  industry works and how to support Founders throughout the process of scaling. 

Angel Alliance is revolutionizing the traditional VC structure and bringing it into Web3. Angel  Alliance’s primary mission is to diversify the opportunities available to all backgrounds  through their Web3 VC Analyst training programme or investment club focused on funding  female founders. 

They are building an exclusive investment club, compromised of 99 experts from all verticals  to be able to bring forward the best investment decisions.  

Angel Analysts will reshape the traditional VC structure through proof of work mechanisms,  which means they are rewarded through the quality of work.  

Angel Alliance started because currently, less than 3% of VC funding goes to women and less  than 5% of crypto start-ups are female-founded, Angel Alliance is here to change these  statistics!  

The founder, Maddy Bergen, had experienced the lack of funding deployed to women in the  traditional system and felt the need to take action. Then diving into Web3, a very similar story  is being told which frustrated her. 

They are at the forefront of a whole new industry and the building blocks are being laid down  by the current innovators which gives women a chance at designing what the future of the  web will look like. 

Angel Alliance stands for 4 Pillar Principles which are:  

1. Collaboration. They want to build a community that thrives together through collaboration,  no matter what your background. Collaborating could mean offering advice, finding a co founder, or meeting an investor, there will always be someone to connect with. In order to  create the change we must all take part in doing so.  

2. Education. At Angel Alliance, they believe in continual growth and there is always  something new to learn! Their vision is to raise awareness around the gender inequality that  exists in the current funding ecosystem and make a difference by teaching our community  members and analysts how to raise funding and scale, despite the odds being stacked against  them.  

3.Resilience. Choosing the entrepreneurship route will throw a lot of hurdles your way and  test your limits, and at Angel Alliance, they understand this and will be providing all the  support to help our community. 

4. Integrity. Integrity means doing the right thing for our eco-system, analysts and partners  which is why their Angel Alliance DAO (AADAO) will drive key decisions forward and support  us in making them with integrity. Their community and ecosystem are at the centre of  everything they do!

Angel Alliances’ mission is to facilitate opportunities for all backgrounds. Their analysts will  be rewarded on merit rather than years of previous experience and their funding will be  deployed to female-founded start-ups. 

Investors would have access to a range of benefits through their model, such as more efficient  investment decisions with better impact, faster exits, an exclusive investment club and direct  access to dealflow, wealthier network, and an exclusive Web3 VC entry point.

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