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Interview with Netease Japan Head Shin and KTN Project Founder Lina

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Interview with Netease Japan Head Shin and KTN Project Founder Lina

June 27
01:59 2019

As one of the few Japanese blockchain information media platforms, KTN has been out for nearly one year since launch. KTN is based in Singapore but deeply rooted in Japan. Which makes it always a topic of conversation for people in this area. Today we had the honor to interview one of the KTN investors, Netease News Japan head, Shin and the founder, Lina. We talked with them about the story of KTN and unveiled the mystery of this project.

Reporter: Hello, Shin, I am glad you can accept my interview. Well, KTN has been around for nearly a year since it was born. May I ask you, as an important investor of KTN, do you have a summary of KTN?

Shin: Of course. In one sentence, that is, it is really hard to run a product.

Reporter: As we all know, KTN was invested by Netease Japan. It should be more appropriate to set up in Japan, but why it was set up in Singapore?

Lina: Actually, looking back at the global market at that time, except for a few countries with small markets, there were only a few countries with enough users of crypto currencies and no systematic information media. Secondly, the basis of our project team is mainly Asian, and Japan happens to be the home of one of our investors, Netease Japan; Third, Japan is one of the few countries with a large amount of digital currency users with high net worth, high education and high quality.

Based on these three points, KTN decided to test the Japanese market first. As mentioned by Shin, it is really hard to run a product well. When KTN decided to try and open the Japanese market, it presented to us a new challenge. There are a lot of people or projects showing off their products how great, how many users they have. If there’s someone portrays their project like that, you may think it’s bragging, but when everyone bragging, it will create the illusion that it is really easy to run a project well.

So when you enter into this field, to witness the landing and tamping down of this project, you will find that everything is not easy. So if you ask me to summarize the achievements of this year, I think I can give you an answer, which is “easier said than done”.

Reporter: So, Lina, you thought it was very difficult to run KTN , but you survived. What did you learn this year, or what made you happy?

Lina: Of course, I gained a lot of fun and happiness. For example, we have successfully re-polished the product to make it more secure and reliable in this year. In the offline section, we set up the Korean station and opened a Chinese translation version for the Chinese-speaking region. The circulation ecosystem of KTN has also been completed, and all the circulation related to the products will be put into practice step-by-step. That is what we gained from the operational and the product.

On a team level, I feel that after one year, we have built a project, and created a team that is well versed in the southeast Asian market. At the same time, we also have a technical team from other countries to support us to complete the follow-up construction of KTN integrated ecosystem.

Reporter: What does KTN integrated ecosystem mean?

Lina: The so-called KTN’s large integrated ecosystem is based on KTN’s several major sections mentioned in the previous project. It uses KTN’s Token to cycle and evolve inside, and finally allows users to obtain information not only in KTN, but you can also get KTN rewards through actions, and finally let this part of the pay be converted into a truly valuable Token.

Reporter: In other words, in the future, KTN APP will be able to make money?

Lina: Try to understand this. The moment you download KTN and use KTN, you will receive the corresponding Token, but only a relatively small amount. After all the five major sectors are completed in the future, they will open a variety of functions including breaking news, forecasting, short selling, event reviews, and even virtual exchanges, which can make different levels, different stages and different cognitions. The user gets more tokens as you use these functions on KTN.

Reporter: In this way, there are more ways to get Token in the future KTN app. So how will this token be realized in the end?

Lina: The circulation of Token is not only within the software, but we will open up the docking of virtual exchanges and software in the future. At a suitable moment in the future, virtual exchanges can be seamlessly connected to the software.

Reporter: Why do you want to be a virtual exchange?

Lina: Because we want to protect our users, Netease Japan is our important investment institution, and the reputation must be guaranteed. The promotion of KTN in Japan is in the crytocurrency market, not the expanding stock market. KTN’s large number of publicity and promotion groups in Japan are mainly based on international students, such as international students from Southeast Asian countries, as well as Japanese local college students, who are effectively distributed among them. This is the biggest advantage of KTN. As an integrated platform for information media, we guide users into the world of coins in order to reshape the integrity system of a currency circle.

These new incremental users are not very familiar with the rules and rules of the currency, let them risk losing their chances to enter the physical exchange, and the risk is extremely high, which will cause great damage to their assets. Therefore, KTN decided to go online to the virtual exchange first, and its purpose is to protect their assets securely, let them experience the entire process of trading coins.

Reporter: So how about the status of this exchange in the future?

Lina: At some suitable point in the future, when our original users have accumulated enough experience, I think we will open the real currency exchange.

That is to say, at that time, KTN’s exchange will no longer be a virtual exchange, but will become a full-featured currency exchange. At that time, it is the time when the KTN project is truly profitable.

Reporter: Is that far away?

Lina: It’s not too close, but it’s not far away. KTN’s current development and operations are relatively stable. And regardless of fluctuations in the currency industry, our incremental users have KTN’s news knowledge, and this part of the user is extremely high in our perception and loyalty, so we have a foundation. As foundational project, the likelihood of success is much higher.

Reporter: So what step is KTN going now?

Lina: At present, the main focus of KTN is still in technology research and development. It may be a product-oriented project, and it seems that there are not many technical requirements. When you have a good understanding of our project, you will find that this is not an ordinary information project. The entire ecosystem built behind it has many technical barriers and difficulties. This goes back to what I said when I first started interviewing. We are constantly continually researching and developing. When we realize all the technical functions, you will find that we are a comprehensive ecosystem completely different from other information media platforms.

Reporter: It may be that I haven’t done much of my homework. What kind of products does KTN want to make in the future?

Lina: KTN’s ultimate dream is to reshape the credit system of the currency circle. Because of the current currency ecosystem, it is full of projects that are deceiving. The  current floating rate of the entire currency circle is too high, the price of virtual currency is often affected by the butterfly effect, which will cause huge fluctuations. Our ultimate goal is to be able to record all the activities related to the currency and other currency-related activities in the blockchain through the blockchain. The blockchain approach is used to solve the historical problems of blockchain practitioners. In other words, the blockchain is used to accumulate and record the historical credit records of the blockchain practitioners, and to provide a platform for review, to achieve a benign cycle.

Reporter: So how is this virtuous circle realized?

Lina: I have touched on this issue before I was interviewed by the other media. This time, we will associate the author with its article in each of our sections. For example, in the information section, we will grab all the information on the media platform and put it under the name of each one. First we did the recording layer, followed by the screening layer. Is there a value in a message, is it a soft text, and is it a fake news? Who knows best? The readers know best! Therefore, we reward and guide readers by rewarding KTN, judging the authenticity and value of each newsletter. When we accumulate enough data, the news for each media will be aggregated and scored. When a media is judged to be inferior media because of the low value of information, we will make a warning sign on the media throughout the network. The project side is worth mentioning, at a glance, there is a problem with this media. Then even if the author releases news information later, readers will doubt its authenticity; and the project side will not be willing to cooperate with it, so that a virtuous circle can be achieved, and good money can drive out bad money. Similarly, like the project database and exchanges, and even the activity sector, we are based on this basis for design and development, behind which there will be a set of credit value system construction logic.

So you should also be able to understand the difficulty of technical development mentioned in the previous article.

Reporter: KTN has been operating since now, and Token has also landed on the exchange, but from the current point of view, it seems that the performance is not satisfactory. What do you think of it?

Lina: I have mentioned the purpose and mission of KTN more than once in an interview. After the publicity of this period was reprinted by the media, it was also supported by many friends in the circle, but it also attracted the voice of many opponents. Especially for vested interests, the resistance to KTN is quite large. As of now, our KTN official first confirmed exchange platform is Bitsdaq. Since I am not responsible for the operation of the capital market, I am not in a position to comment on this.

Reporter: So are there any actions and measures on the capital market in the next step?

Lina: Of course, there are actions and measures. In the current situation, our organization will continue for the long run. But for this matter, I personally hold very big confidence. This is similar to the stock market, for example, in one year, Lishui, an investor sold a lot of Chinese stocks. Some of the stocks were short-selled. Because the products themselves or the company really had problems, they instantly collapsed. But if the company’s project is in real operation, then the stock’s downturn is a good opportunity to be bargain-hunting. Another example is when Drowning shorted Alibaba, and how many people bought at low prices. KTN is a project that is being suppressed by short-selling institutions though the project itself is continuing to work on the product.

Therefore, we firmly believe that we will continue to push forward the products and let the public feel the value of our products.

Reporter: The last question, as an investor in KTN, what do you want to say to KTN users?

Shin: The currency circle is a big casino. KTN’s inspiration from birth is to change the bad habits in the gaming industry. Therefore, as an investor, I have long been optimistic about Lina’s KTN project.

Lina: I would like to add that this project has touched the weakness of the industry since its birth, is hampered by a large number of vested interests, and is also grateful to those who support KTN and supporters of capital markets that support KTN. Please hold your KTN, a good project will shine in the long run, all that is needed is time.

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