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KUKJE ST’s Guardrails – Safety Solution for Highways

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KUKJE ST’s Guardrails – Safety Solution for Highways

November 30
05:12 2020

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/3-X-v6_oCF0

‘KUKJE ST’ is a technology innovation company that specializes in manufacturing and supplying road safety facilities such as guardrails, railings, vehicle protection fences for bridges, and footbridges. The company has been recognized in the world beyond Korea. As a quality management system, KUKJE ST has acquired “ISO 9001” and is undergoing the review for “European Certification CE”. The company has been designated as a “promising SME in export” to continue its reputation.

The guardrails produced by this company are well-known as the best safety solutions for highways. The guardrail is a roadside safety hardware that serves the function of protecting the safety of the driver and passengers by preventing the vehicle from losing control due to an abnormality in the vehicle. It restrains the vehicle from diverging off to the fence or the opposite lane and guides the vehicle to return to the normal driving direction. 

To protect people and property, highways must be installed with many safety hardware devices. Among them, guardrail is deemed as an essential roadside safety device. 

Due to the rapid development of the transportation industry, traffic accidents are increasing every year around the world. Currently, most highway guardrails are equipped with rail items such as w-beam and thrie-beam. In order to prevent accidents on highways, installing new guardrails is becoming increasingly important. 

‘KUKJE ST’ introduced the ‘open-type guardrail’ that makes up for the weakness of existing products, W-beam and Thrie-beam guardrails. This new product includes the strength of existing products and allows easy installation even on roads with narrow radius of curve. It also provides an exceptional effect of melting snow in freezing areas. Furthermore, it reduces driver fatigue when driving on the road with a sense of openness.

In addition to these advantages,  KUKJE ST’s open-type guardrail “GOD model ‘slides during a vehicle collision to absorb the energy from the crash, protecting passengers’ safety. This is the world’s first guardrail with such functions and is currently undergoing the review for European CE certification. 

Safety is the considered the highest priority for all the products made by KUKJE ST, including guardrails. 

The company’s major products include railings with adjustable angles to be installed on slopes and curved sections. This product has been designed to withstand the horizontal load of 3.75kN/m and the vertical load of 1kN/m, which is the safety standard set by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport of Korea. It is the only product with such specifications in Korea. In addition, the footbridge installed on the side of the bridge and retaining wall to secure pedestrian passages reflects both the footbridge load of 5kN/m2 and the rail load of (3.75kN/m horizontally and 1kN/m vertically) to pass the structural stability and actual load test. 

‘KUKJE ST’ is manufacturing its various products based on over 100 registered intellectual properties, and especially GOD guardrail’s patent has been applied in various countries. 

Currently, ‘KUKJE ST’ is preparing to take a leap to reach beyond Korea to become a global company. All employees are putting ceaseless efforts into research and development, accurate design, and strict quality control to supply excellent products.

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