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Journey of success from Egypt to Canada, how Andreas Eskander achieved the dream of becoming an accomplished YouTuber

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Journey of success from Egypt to Canada, how Andreas Eskander achieved the dream of becoming an accomplished YouTuber

November 30
10:57 2020
Andreas Eskander, just an ordinary guy from Egypt rose to fame due to his constant and unwavering efforts. Starting a career online and having an e-presence was his life-long dream, he finally achieved his goals through a steadfast attitude. Andreas Eskander now has millions of views on his entertainment and prank videos. Besides making videos, Andreas also has a drive for making music, he has released a single track already and plans to make more music in future.

Toronto, Canada – Being a kid in Egypt, Andreas Eskander always wanted to be in front of the camera. During his childhood, he used to watch a lot of YouTube videos, which eventually got him interested in making videos of his own. Andreas’s father was in computer sciences and his mother was a video game design developer. As a result, he had a lot of time to spend on the internet. Watching other people pulling pranks on their friends inspired him to do so. His rise to success and becoming an internet personality was only possible because of his passion and dedication towards producing engaging content on the internet.

Andreas can be contacted at his website https://andreaseskander.com/

Born on July 28, 1998, in Cairo, Egypt, Andreas Eskander attended a private school where his friends on several occasions told him how charismatic his personality was. He was always told that he had a magnetic personality of being the odd one out. He always had a knack for the camera and wanted to do something on YouTube that will gain him an online presence.

At the tender age of 10, Andreas Eskander along with his family moved to Canada. He had to go through a culture shock, but easily adjusted himself to the new way of living. On moving to Canada, he attended Western University but soon dropped out. He knew that he had a different purpose than going to a university and getting a boring 9 to 5 job.

After dropping out of Western University, he started his entertainment company at the age of 18, under the title of Wav Entertainment. The company quickly rose to fame and success with organizing and hosting many great festivals such as veld and ever after. Moreover, the company also held some of the most exclusive nightclubs which many celebrities also attended. The company, under the leadership of Andreas, has also hosted many influencers such as Drake, The Weekend, A-Boogie, Ynw Melly, Murda Beatz and many more.

The success of Wav Entertainment led Andreas into thinking of expanding his horizons. He then made a transition towards YouTube and started making videos. Andreas started his YouTube career with weekly vlogs, where he would share the most important highlights of how he spends his days. Again, he had massive success as soon as he stepped in the YouTube world.

With a lot of support from people around him including his family and friends, he moved from weekly vlogs and started doing pranks on his friends. His viewership rose instantly and his channel experienced rapid growth. The first hit video that brought fame to his YouTube channel was titled “If you ever see your roommate do this, RUN!”. This video alone got 1.4 million views.

He has gained immense expansion in his subscription and viewing numbers. In just about 5 months of making videos, his audience expanded to more than 200,000 subscribers. All this is only possible because of the effort, hard work and immense care that is put into each project.

Now, Andreas is a full-time internet personality mainly focusing on YouTube and Instagram, who makes prank videos and spreads joys and happiness to the people around him and all those people around the world who watch his content. Andreas says “My most fun prank was a slime prank, in the video “If you ever see this green substance, Run!”. The ideas I get from my experience of being on youtube but adding my creative twists to it. I’ve been heavily inspired by jake paul, fouseytube, and other great YouTubers.”

Andreas also plans on making music. He has already made a track called “Party”, the video of which is going to be launched soon. Andreas never settles and is always up for more. That is his secret towards the success and fame that he has received. Surely if anyone works for their dreams, they can make them into reality, and Andreas is living proof of that.

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