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Andy Vlaeyen Mixes Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy With the Ice Bucket Movement®

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Andy Vlaeyen Mixes Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy With the Ice Bucket Movement®

November 30
11:00 2020
Andy Vlaeyen Mixes Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy With the Ice Bucket Movement®

The consistent rise of consumer interest in natural and healthy products that promote overall well-being is indicative of growing mindfulness on staying fit and healthy. More and more people are discovering the advantages of investing in one’s health in order to live more meaningful lives. Promising entrepreneur, healthy living advocate, and philanthropist Andy Vlaeyen wants to uphold peoples’ interest in living healthy through his Ice Bucket Movement, which introduces a range of natural chewing gums under the Umbrella Brand “ICE BUCKET,” healthy formulations that also offer a reliable business model. 

Andy Vlaeyen’s interest in healthy products originated from an experience from when he was only 11 years old. An unfortunate accident, while he was riding his bike, took place, and it was the day that changed his life and that of his family forever. A van ran him over while riding his bicycle, and as a result, he smacked his head hard on the asphalt road. This resulted in a head injury and a cerebral hemorrhage. As his CT scans showed serious internal bleeding, he was rushed to another medical facility that specializes in brain surgery. 

As can be expected, every second that passed after that was considered critical, and the pressing need to save Andy’s life became apparent. During his emergency surgery, he went through epileptic seizures, and he eventually slipped into a coma. He stayed in this condition for five excruciating weeks. On some occasions, his heart rate would shoot up, and there was nothing that doctors could do to remedy it. In his critical condition, there was so little hope that Andy would survive. However, he believes that his athletic nature kept his heart strong throughout the ordeal.

Eventually, Andy came out of his coma, much to the relief of his entire family and medical doctors. New challenges presented themselves when he woke up. The entire left side of his body, including his vocal cords, was paralyzed. Despite what he went through, Andy was given a second chance in life. He struggled with the reality of his immobility, and this eventually resulted in him becoming morbidly overweight. His condition was not easy to live with, and his high school experience became quite a forgettable season. 

Some years later, sick of all the medication and vicious cycling, Andy decided to take control of his situation, tired from sinking in self-pity and not knowing how his life would turn out. He traveled to San Diego and made an appointment with a nutritionist, and learned the many benefits of the natural approach to staying healthy. He established his own R&D company and natural confectionery that led to the birth of the Ice Bucket Gum, which comes in several exciting flavors. 

One of Andy Vlaeyen’s ultimate objectives as an entrepreneur and advocate of philanthropy is to establish a thriving community of ICE BUCKETEERS®, promoting the value of staying healthy while helping others and establishing a solid business at the same time. Andy also aims to make the ICE BUCKET MOVEMENT® a self-sufficient organization that can fund charitable initiatives and not be dependent on others to contribute to a meaningful cause.

Learn more about the ICE BUCKET MOVEMENT® on its preliminary website.

The end goal being inspiring and establishing a Community of 1,000,000, 2020 offers the Opportunity to 4,000 ICE BUCKETEERS® to be among the first to join our Movement now by purchasing one or more displays of our range of unique natural and healthy sweets through their online Platform.

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