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World Champion and Fitness Expert Milica Todovic Goes International With Milica.com

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World Champion and Fitness Expert Milica Todovic Goes International With Milica.com

December 07
10:49 2020
World Champion and Fitness Expert Milica Todovic Goes International With Milica.com

Following great success in the sports ring, celebrated world champion Milica Todovic has decided to use her extensive knowledge in fitness and nutrition to make weight loss winners of her reach. Expanding her circle of influence and impact, the fitness enthusiast has recently gone international with the launch of Milica.com.

Raised by an athletic father sporting a 5-dan black belt, Milica Todovic was exposed to sports at a tender age. She began her training at three years old and would, eventually, set out to make a name for herself in the business.

Unlike other kids, Milica had to juggle intense training with school, along with countless nutritional sessions and seminars. These educational sessions built the foundation of her knowledge of fitness and health. 

Over the next few years, the young sportswoman became widely-recognized. In the years 2008, 2010, and 2015, she snagged the gold medal in Kumite and officially cemented her status as a three-time world champion. 

The black belt 2nd Dan displays variation to her stunning gold collection. Milica Todovic has also been a two-time bronze winner in her career, being announced third place in Kata in 2008 and 2010. Continuously employing the effective health methods that she learned early on, Milica Todovic’s career is decorated by over three hundred medals, with more than half of those crowning her as the karate champion.

Milica has also been recognized as the unsurpassed champion of the popular sport in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, and many international competitions. Along with being the best sportswoman in her birth city of Foca and the six-time most prospective sportsman, Milica has earned distinction and international recognition for her talent and efforts.

Sharing the experience and knowledge that she gained as documented by her numerous accolades, the lauded three-time world champion began providing her services to help people lose weight with proper nutrition, exercises, and supplements.

Deciding to offer her services to a broader clientele, Milica Todovic launched Milica.com. The website is specially designed to help people fulfill their weight loss goals and, ultimately, be healthy, feel better, and gain muscles.

“I help people truly change their lives, get to their goal, and they are happy about their change,” Milica shares.

Having already positively impacted thousands of people, Milica Todovic is confident in what she can do and how she can guide individuals into leading better lives. With intensive, client-centered coaching sessions and supportive, motivational groups, anyone can walk out the door as the best version of themselves. 

“My solution is simple but not easy and not for someone who doesn’t want to do any action, but I can help anybody lose weight and reach their fitness goal.”

Now, branching online, Milica welcomes a larger crowd and will be using the determination that made her champion produce weight loss winners worldwide – aiming for over 10,000 healthy individuals in half a decade. 

Take the first step to becoming a winner and walk the victor’s path, a few pounds lighter. Learn how internationally-recognized sportswoman Milica Todovic helps people lead better lives. Visit the fitness expert’s Instagram account and Milica.com’s official website.

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