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Acid Reflux in Babies in the First Few Months is Being Addressed by an Online Company for Parents

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Acid Reflux in Babies in the First Few Months is Being Addressed by an Online Company for Parents

April 05
08:03 2021

Acid reflux can occur routinely in adults, children, babies and even pets.  The digestive juices and or food back up into the esophagus and cause symptoms such as heartburn, gas, and other stomach problems as the digestive juices can run down into the intestines as well.  In babies, acid reflux is generally caused by an influx of air while being fed using a standard baby bottle. 

This can lead to digestive discomfort, a refusal to keep bottle feeding, squirming, crying, and regurgitation or “spit up” after feeding.  Its distressing to parents and uncomfortable for the baby.  It can cause too many bowel movements and leave parents and babies up all night trying to overcome the symptoms. 

Doctors generally just tell parents to wait until their baby gets older as time does cure this, but it can seem like a long wait when this goes on day after day and night after night.  Physicians can lump this into one diagnosis many times and just call it colic and suggest burping more often.

Solutions are simple though, but unknown to many, and the correct baby bottle can alleviate the problem.  MumeeMagic, an online supplier of all types of items for all ages of children, has a wide selection of bottles and bottle nipples that can assist with this problem. 

The best baby bottles for acid reflux prevention are created in a way that more aligns with a natural breast feeding.  Nipples for the bottles are also special as they resemble more of a natural female nipple.  This prevents too much air from entering a baby’s stomach while feeding, and helps babies latch on without gulping air and repositioning themselves throughout the feeding process. 

Any air ingested during a feeding causes acid reflux in babies along with all the symptoms that come with this.  The perfect type of bottle does exist, which can cut down on this.  MumeeMagic realizes that not all babies feed the same and the bottles and nipples are wide ranging, so choice of the best bottle and nipple for preventing acid reflux in babies can be found on their site online with explanations. 

Features vary on the bottles and nipples, so reading through the site, and choosing which is best for each baby should be done while purchasing. 

Reviews by actual purchasers help other buyers decide which bottles are better for their baby.  Traditional bottles can still be chosen depending upon the needs of the baby, but these also can come with vents to prevent airflow into the bottle. 

These are micro-vented and do not produce loss of formula.  Wider bottles and slanted bottles are also available as well as all types of nipple sizes and shapes.  Parents can mix and match whatever they feel will work best in air flow reduction for their own baby. 

MumeeMagic is dedicated to the comfort and relaxation a good feeding can produce for both parent and child and the wide selection of bottles to prevent acid reflux proves this.

About MumeeMagic

This online supplier of all types of items for all ages of children is dedicated in providing the best selection of items for parents.  There is a wide selection of baby bottles that prevent acid reflux in babies, as well as explanations and additional products such as nipples that complement the bottles.  Buyers can read reviews by other parents and satisfaction is guaranteed.  A blog provides education on all items. 

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