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FITTT Beauty Creates Skin Glazing, an All-in-One Hair Removal & Skin Care Process for Coily & Curly Hair

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FITTT Beauty Creates Skin Glazing, an All-in-One Hair Removal & Skin Care Process for Coily & Curly Hair

November 30
14:27 2021
FITTT Beauty Creates Skin Glazing, an All-in-One Hair Removal & Skin Care Process for Coily & Curly Hair

For many years, finding the right hair product for the rich curly pattern of black hair that would not damage hair roots, scar, burn and irritate the scalp was near impossible. However, as more practitioners like Jaye Renee’, founder of FITTT Beauty, ventured into the hair care industry, the story changed. And now, women with coily and/or curly hair types, can enjoy and relish a hair removal experience without worrying about pain, scarring, irritation or discoloration.

Established in 2021, FITTT Beauty is the brainchild of Jaye Renee’, a 23-year-old Certified Holistic Practitioner, a mentee of the world-renowned Queen Afua, a beauty industry veteran, consultant and author. The trailblazing entrepreneur created her brand to provide women of color with coily and curly hair patterns a luxurious at-home hair removal experience that will allow them to have smooth and supple skin “down there” through an innovative all-in-one hair removal and skincare system she appropriately tagged Skin Glazing.

Backed by years of research, trials, refining the process, getting the products and ingredients right in preparation to offer it to people with different hair textures, the Skin Glazing process was created as a result of Jaye’s experiences in the Beauty Industry and as a woman with 4c classified hair type. “Growing up as a young lady with 4c classified hair, I struggled for years to find a hair removal product or service that would work for me without burning, scarring, inflaming or irritating my skin,” she shared.  “I was tired of having scarring, burns, hair bumps, ingrown hairs and dry skin. And as I got older, I got tired of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars for treatments.”

Struggling with her 4C hair as she did at the time, the trailblazing innovator had no idea that later in barber school, she would finally come to understand the unique features of her hair type and develop a product to solve the problem.  She said, “I would finally understand why I and others who looked like me found it so much harder to have smooth skin on or around our bikini areas.” However, for the first few years, Jaye was oblivious to her creative genius. All she had was her love for hair, and so she enrolled in two different hair schools to become a licensed barber. Yet, neither in the schools nor the classes she took years after addressed the holistic needs of people of color regarding hair removal.

Her Eureka moment happened in 2014 during a random conversation with a lady who shared her frustrations about the current hair removal products on the market.  The lady shared that she had been in and out of different stores over the years, trying new things and hoping to find something that worked for her so she wouldn’t have bumps, scarring, irritation, in-grown hairs, or have to put nasty cream in her bikini area to burn the hair off. As a woman who used to have the same problem, Jaye innocently shared a tip of what she could use so that the lady could have the smooth, soft bikini area she wanted. 

Four years later, fate conspired, and the duo met again; this time, the unknown woman was full of appreciation and disclosed that Jaye’s tip had been her skin’s best friend. From then until early 2020, Jaye Renee continued to research and refine the process, getting the products and ingredients in preparation to offer it to others who have the same struggles. In the coming years, Jaye has big plans to grow and expand FITTT Beauty into other areas that support women of color by promoting confidence and a sense of well-being. 

To learn more about FITTT Beauty and their Skin Glazing™️ System, visit the company’s website. For more updates, check them out on Instagram and TikTok.

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