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Outboard Occasions Offers the Biggest, Most Affordable Selection of Outboard Motors in Europe

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Outboard Occasions Offers the Biggest, Most Affordable Selection of Outboard Motors in Europe

December 02
05:03 2021
Outboard Occasions is a Netherlands-based company that sells new and used outboard motor engines, engine maintenance, and repair.

Outboard motors are the hearts of marine vehicles, providing them with both the strength and endurance required to tackle strong waves and currents. Due to their superior impact and importance, outboard motors are usually quite expensive and in huge demand.

Outboard Occasions is a Netherland-based company that was founded to help people find the finest, best-performing outboard motors, repair old ones, and keep existing models in tip-top shape.

In addition to offering top-tier brand-new outboard motors, the brand also offers an eclectic menu of second-hand motor models backed by warranties:

“Our used motors are carefully inspected for defects and are always supplied ready for use. We provide you with the first-season warranty as standard. We are an official Yamaha dealer, the world’s most popular outboard motor, but our selection also includes other leading brands such as Honda, Suzuki, Mercury, and Tohatsu.”

Outboard Occasions selection is comprised of dozens of Tohatsu, Suzuki, Honda, Mercury, Selva, and Evinrude. However, the vast majority of the brand’s catalog is comprised of premium-quality Yamaha outboard motors. Outboard Occassions’ spokesperson imparted the reason why Yamaha’s motors are so sought-after and prestigious:

“Yamaha outboard motors are well known in the world of water sports. The popular brand offers a wide range of outboard motors for both large and small boats. We at Outboard Occasions are official Yamaha outboard motor dealers. We do not only sell new outboard motors, but we also offer a large range of used Yamaha outboard motors. The outboard motor of Yamaha is seen as one of the most reliable engines and has retained its value for a long time. That is why we can guarantee that you will buy a good working outboard motor from us, used or second-hand.”

Motor maintenance and servicing are key elements that influence its lifespan, wear, and tear. When a model is maintained regularly and well-kept, its performance will show consistent results for longer. Outboard Occasion offers professional maintenance and repairs:

“It is important for your outboard motor to be serviced regularly. It will prolong the service life of your motor significantly. And what if you discover a defect? Then you have also come to the right place if you need us to carry out repairs for you.”

The brand’s spokesperson imparts that Outboard Occasion offers the aforementioned services between September and February each year.

The firm offers oil change, lubrication of the pivot points, visual inspection of the cooling system, anode and thermostat inspection, spark plug replacement, impeller replacement, ultrasonic cleaning, and a variety of other minor and major maintenance services. Outboard Occasion services can be booked online on the brand’s official platform. More information about Outboard Occasion and the company’s catalog can be found on outboard-occasions.com.

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