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Nemesis Wealth Projects Builds a Platform for Easy DeFi Access

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Nemesis Wealth Projects Builds a Platform for Easy DeFi Access

December 02
05:33 2021
The Nemesis Ecosystem offers safe and integrated synergistic investing possibilities

Nemesis Wealth Projects has unveiled a web platform designed to make it easier for newbie investors to access DeFi in a safe ecosystem with lower fees. Their aim is to offer a portfolio of assets that investors can use every day.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has introduced a new way for wealth management for anyone with a smartphone, giving ordinary people the power to manage their assets independently. The DeFi space is quickly gaining popularity, especially in emerging countries and countries with low levels of democracy. However, learning how to use different DeFi assets is complex, which makes it difficult for new crypto investors to enjoy the full benefits of decentralization. The Nemesis Ecosystem is built to give everyone fair chance and equal access to the DeFi space.

“While the DeFi space was built to be inclusive to all without discrimination, there are still barriers to entry for new investors,” says Nemesis Wealth Projects founder Sadt. “We’ve built an ecosystem that offers the average person a friendly and easy way to purchase digital currencies.”

Nemesis Wealth Projects has developed a collection of software and applications to make it easier for both ordinary people and seasoned investors to access DeFi. The upcoming friendly APP Wallet+Buy feature will allow users to quickly buy and safely store DeFi assets in their mobile phones. The developers also plan to add a Swap+Shop function to allow token holders to shop anywhere in the world using their tokens. When combined, these assets are designed to make everyday use of DeFi products easier, even for the most novice investor.

The heart of the Nemesis Ecosystem is the $NMS Token, which is built to increase in value over time, thus guaranteeing the wealth of the community. The Nemesis Ecosystem is built with several features to ensure the progressive scarcity of the $NMS Token. For instance, the monthly burning plan is designed to encourage the continued participation of investors and reduce the supply of $NMS Token in the ecosystem, thus increasing its value and benefiting token holders.

Upon their release, all Nemesis Tokens are protected in 4 Nemesis Ecosystem sections, each representing a different use-case. Under the Financial Services section, tokens are linked to financial services with a speculative appeal. The Art & Charity section is dedicated to the sponsorship of emerging artists and support of international charitable causes. The Meme & Gaming section supports the creation of meme tokens that appeal to gamers. These tokens are released on inexpensive gas fees chains and targeted as service tokens to game companies. Finally, the Business Services tokens are designed to be used by companies as rewards, benefits and bonuses for their employees.

The team at Nemesis Wealth Projects is determined to build an international community of proactive holders based on the values of transparency and trust. With The Nemesis Ecosystem, they’ve used state-of-the-art technologies to make investing in the DeFi Space safer and easier.

About Nemesis Wealth Projects

Nemesis Wealth Projects is a collection of software and applications designed to make it easier to access DeFi. The heart of the ecosystem – the $NMS Token – is built to progressively increase in value, thus guaranteeing wealth accumulation for token holders.

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