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Meditation Teacher Artie Wu Shares the Secrets to Stop Feeling Never Good Enough

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Meditation Teacher Artie Wu Shares the Secrets to Stop Feeling Never Good Enough

December 03
23:15 2021
The 7-Day Healing Program heals the emotional wounds that hold one back in life.

People who feel like they’re never good enough often experience it in four different forms – in terms of physical appearance, competence, identity, or the relationships they have. Many try to suppress the feeling and end up hurting themselves in the process because they don’t know it stems from unresolved emotional wounds from childhood. Artie Wu, a meditation teacher, international speaker, and founder of Preside Life, provides a powerful way to stop feeling never good enough with his 7-Day Healing Program. It’s designed to heal inner emotional wounds and help people take control so they can live a thriving, blissful life.

“The emotional wounds that hold you back in life are not your fault – because nobody asks to be wounded,” says Artie.

“The way to heal a deep emotional wound from childhood is to recover the part of your true inner self that was stuffed down because of your wounds – your deep creativity, your sensitivity, your true personality.”

Artie’s 7-Day Healing program is built using time-tested methods that unblock emotional wounds. According to Artie, the key to healing isn’t about numbing the negative inner voice with food, dangerous substances, overachievement, and other activities. It’s about rescuing that voice as it is an integral part of oneself that was cut off due to emotional trauma. This cut-off part prevents people from expressing their authentic selves, causing feelings of incompetence, poor self-esteem, anxiety, and anger throughout their life.

To achieve true healing, one must “recover the exiled part themselves, so that they become truly whole and healed.” Once people recover that missing part of themselves, only then will they be able to feel the bliss of living a fully expressed life.

In the 7-Day Healing program, Artie provides an arsenal of healing methods and resources that enable his advisees to heal all on their own power. They can learn more about themselves and recover from their unique wounding patterns. The program contains audio and video training sessions that can be taken at the advisee’s most comfortable pace.

Additionally, the program includes extra sessions beyond the 7-day program. The Going Deeper section provides in-depth answers to the most pressing personal questions people may have as they go through their healing journey.

Artie Wu’s 7-Day Healing program is fully guaranteed and doesn’t expire, giving participants lifetime access to life-changing healing methods.

Find inner peace, healing, and bliss through meditation and Artie Wu’s curated programs here: http://presidelife.com/.

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