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Adshares and Cookie3 Go Live with Targeted Advertising in the Metaverse

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Adshares and Cookie3 Go Live with Targeted Advertising in the Metaverse

March 30
00:28 2022
Adshares (ADS) web3 advertising protocol and Cookie3 blockchain analytics platform, announced their strategic partnership with the aim to provide detailed advertising targeting possibilities in the metaverse. It didn’t take long and the solution is now fully developed and available to Adshares business clients.

The integration of the Cookie3 analytical platform with the Adshares protocol focuses on providing advertisers accurate tools for targeting potential customers in the metaverse.

It’s yet another step which is supposed to bring blockchain advertising closer to what advertisers know today.

The first collaborative implementation, which is now available on the platform, enables targeting ads in Decentraland.

What are the benefits for advertisers?

  • more precise campaign targeting

  • more efficient advertising budget optimization (CPV), thanks to targeting

More features will be provided to advertisers in the near future, such as: a configuration panel allowing users to select specific lands where the ad will be displayed, as well as targeting based on interest categories.

It is also a completely new experience for metaverse users who will come across messages and ads exactly tailored to their needs and interests.

What is metaverse behavioral analytics all about?

How exactly to translate the well-known analyzing targeting methods known from Google algorithms from web2 to the realm of web3?

Seeing the virtual world as a web of interconnected items based on blockchain, the Cookie3 team utilized one of the central elements of the metaverse – NFTs – for their data engine.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to process and interpret the data aggregated from NFTs, tokens and smart contracts, Cookie3 will gain the power to understand individual user behavior across the metaverses.

Such algorithms allow companies and brands to create behavioral profiles that are so important for accurate targeting for advertising and marketing campaigns.

From now on, each project is able to easily target their campaigns through the on-chain analytics tool. This solution opens the door to a new level of the relationship between users and advertisers, namely the delivery of exclusive content, new brand awareness experiences, personalized engagement with influencers and events, and so on.

Potential application – event marketing campaign

You may choose to only target users who had previously collected rap-related NFTs. Advertisers can be sure that their ads will reach the desired audience through the Adshares protocol, based on user profiles, which have previously been interpreted through the Cookie3 data engine.

First of its kind solution which is the combination of Adshares – providing the advertising protocol, and Cookie3 – providing accurate targeting – is set to become the standard available for all advertisers.

About Cookie3

Cookie3 is “Google Analytics” for the Metaverse & Web3, translating on-chain data into behavioral profiles of individuals. Cookie3 aims to become the undisputed leader of behavioral analytics on the blockchain, focusing on individual users of Web3.

Cookie3 will provide B2B services like the first-ever ads targeting tool in the Metaverse, behavioral scoring of investors which will be a comprehensive tool for launchpads, airdrops, NFT mints, DAOs and Gaming Guilds.

Cookie3 will be the leading reverse behavioral oracle for all Web2 brands entering NFTs and Metaverse and offer personalization of all existing services in Web3 based on individual wallets’ history.

About Adshares

Adshares is the leader in providing blockchain solutions to ad tech. The first blockchain dedicated to display, programmatic advertising, metaverse and in-game ads. Image and video ads, as well as 3D ads formats, displayed using the Adshares protocol are already spotted in Decentraland, Cryptovoxels or in the near future PolkaCity. The running Adshares protocol already allows land and parcels owners to display ads and profit from renting their digital assets to advertisers. The strategic partnership with Cookie3 will significantly improve the ready-to-use protocol increasing the attractiveness to potential advertisers.

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