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15 investment ideas for starting a business

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15 investment ideas for starting a business

April 11
20:19 2022

Previously, the community-associated business ventures with the need to invest a large amount of start-up capital. Today everyone has the opportunity to start their own business as long as they have an original and profitable idea and low start-up capital. The key to success may not be the opening of a construction company or another store in the neighborhood. Not long ago, entrepreneurs began to focus on specialized niches that meet a specific type of need of society.

If you have not yet discovered “your specialized niche”, we will give you some ideas that you can implement with around or under £ 10 000 initial investments. Also, here we will present the easiest and less requiring option, which is Investment Group Services, to fund your projects or business opportunity, without being someone’s slave. But for that, later in our article.

These business ideas can be realized full-time and part-time. Each business idea includes: presenting the idea, who will be potential customers, and the average of the initial capital you will need to invest.

Keep in mind that the amounts shown are not 100 percent accurate. These may vary according to the time, the current standard of the country you are in, the presence of political changes, financial crises or lack thereof, and more. Before starting any business, we recommend that you thoroughly research the market of your choice and make plausible forecasts based on trends and how much you will invest and whether you will be able to push competitors around you.

The business ideas

1. Personal Shopper

If you love shopping, this is a business idea for you. You can earn a small income from your hobby by providing personal shopping services for people who are too busy to shop, do not like to do it or are unable to cope on their own, or are disabled. Let’s not forget the people who can’t choose a gift for a wedding, or birthday and look around on gumtree or eBay for hours. The personal shopper is also hired by interior designers, antique dealers, and collectors.

Investment: under £ 2000.

2. Personal chef

Do you like to cook but don’t imagine an 8-hour day at a restaurant? You can then provide your services at personal parties, special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and more. A personal chef is a good alternative for people who do not have enough budget to hire catering services.

Investment: under £ 2000.

3. Animal watching

Imagine how many households have pets. When they go on vacation, the big problem is who to leave their pet on. Some pets require special care and cannot be left with friends or family. Pet Sitting comes to the rescue here. This business idea can be very successful if you want to earn extra income, and you can also create a business to serve many clients.

Investment: Under £ 2000.

4. Online Researcher

If you like to spend hours on the internet looking for information, this might be the idea for you. You will look for information in government and business reports and even interview people to provide the information your client needs. The online researcher operates in two directions. The first is to collect information on various topics and then sell it to individuals or legal entities. The second is to provide information to a specific business that is of interest to its work.

Investment: Under £ 3000.

5. Copywriting

If you have the skills to write clearly and concisely so that you build interest and motivation in readers, viewers, and listeners to make the desired decision, then copywriting services is a good start for you. The service is the preparation of an article or text for a website, advertising, online marketing, press releases, and more. This service is currently in demand as most business owners or managers do not have the time, effort, or desire to do so.

Investment: under £ 3000.

6. SEO & Digital Advertising Consultant

Previously, almost no effort was needed to advertise online businesses. Today, with the continued development of technology, it is not enough to simply create a website to maximize company revenue. The site needs to be ranked first in search results and also advertised on social media, where the majority of users are already located. This is exactly the job of an SEO & Digital Advertising consultant.

Investment: Under £ 5,000.

7. Image consultant

Image consulting can be an exciting business. When you work in the industry, you are helping your clients get a new job, look good at important events, or just make them feel good about the way they look and the image they build.

The activity as an image consultant includes:

• wardrobe consultations and renovations

• analysis of the current image and strategy for building a new one

• A label to use in business situations

• assistance in building communication skills

Your potential clients are corporate managers, politicians recovering from illness or injury, TV stars, and more.

Investment: Under £ 5,000.

8. Dent Removal (Alternative Repair)

This business can be very profitable due to growing small problems with cars.

This service consists in repairing minor malfunctions of cars in the customer’s home or office using specialized equipment without the need for paint.

Potential customers are car owners, new and used car dealers, and insurance companies.

Work is mobile, allowing you to be in a place where business is accessible without geographical restrictions.

Investment: Under £ 8,000.

9. Child Care Center

The rise in the standard of living makes childcare services a thriving business because of the need for parents to work full-time. You can start by offering this home-based service, and in the future, even create a kindergarten.

Investment: Under £ 10,000.

10. Green Business Consultant

Today, one of the most current topics is how to make our business environmentally friendly. For business owners, often it’s not as easy as it seems. While there are a few simple steps for small businesses – reducing carbon and paper or other consumption, large businesses face more complex issues – regulatory compliance, alternative energy use, green sources of production, and obtaining government and other certifications for the eco-label.

You need a special qualification and certificate to offer this type of service, but it is a very profitable business idea.

Investment: Under £ 10,000.

11. Preparation of documentation for medical services

Doctors must prepare documentation for insurance companies and mediators for all services performed. This documentation is with strict standards and specific codes for each item. While a doctor may be amazing at treating patients, they may not be patient about submitting these documents electronically. If you are educated in this field or are certified, this is where you can offer your services.

Investment: Under £ 10,000.

12. Client service training

At least once each of us has received poor service from a store, restaurant, or other business. The result of such an experience is usually never to get in touch with the object of disappointment again, and often to share with your friends and colleagues. Not well-trained staff can cost the business a lot of potential revenue and sales losses. Companies that take measures and provide vocational training to their employees thus have a competitive advantage. If you are experienced in this field, you can provide your consultancy services for staff development, specially designed to meet the needs of the specific client.

Investment: Under £ 10,000.

13. Coaching services

Today, businesses face many difficulties – great competition, “smart consumers”, proper human resource management, and many more. If you have extensive experience in developing and solving business problems, this may be a good business idea. Coaching helps new and existing companies with many tasks, including:

• Business planning

• Marketing strategy

• The financial budget

• Logistics

• Technological problems

Investment: Under £ 10,000.

14. Holiday Rentals Agent

If you live in a holiday village, a vacation rental agency can succeed. It is not uncommon for people to buy vacation homes with the idea of ​​renting them out. Unfortunately, the profits from this are often not very high, because the owners do not understand what needs to be done to make their investment profitable – marketing, booking, cleaning, repair. Let’s not forget the fact that most of them are hundreds of kilometers away. As a result, many holiday homes are empty for most of the year.

Investment: Under £ 10,000.

15. 3D printing

One of the most interesting technologies at the moment is 3D printing. This print takes a 3D design and revives it. Everything from jewelry and toys to technology gadgets and machine parts can be created with a 3D printer. The investment is entirely up to you – according to what objects you plan to print and the materials you will offer

Investment: Under £ 10,000.

No matter which idea you stop remember one thing – it all comes down to satisfying a need. Look for a new one that businesses have not yet paid enough attention to, or do something even bigger – create a new need.

Once you’ve chosen your idea, create a business plan, market forecasts and future profits, a marketing and technology plan, a presentation if needed, and you can seek funding for your business idea already. It is possible to withdraw a loan, but keep in mind that if you fail, especially in small and medium-sized businesses, the loan becomes non-repayable and you are the debtor. If you want the best financing option for your future or current business, read below.

Funding the business

You have come to the most important part, financing the business you have chosen. There are plenty of options around the internet, but often they come with expensive fees, expensive investor fees for document review, waiting, or in many cases, no interest in your idea at all. There are cases when they just look at the idea because you paid for it, which is also a business. And in rare cases, the idea is stolen by someone else. But there is an option for your development and a very good one.

Investment Group Services is a platform that offers a special funding opportunity for your business. The platform has a daily enrichment list of investors, offering ideas for investing in a wide range of business categories. The advantages are that there are no hidden fees, no high investor fees, and others that will hurt you. In addition, your investor may become Investment Group Services itself if the dedicated specialists approve your idea, if not the next ones to which your proposal will be presented will be the investors from the list of Investment Group Services, followed by the freely registered investors. On the contrary, the platform works only for your own sake, and in addition to the investor list, new and new contacts are regularly made with new potential business people to be assigned to the big family of Investment Group Services. The success rate is high and there are rarely ideas that are not accepted by someone. So now is the time for you to join and develop your potential.

Register now on the website, free of charge, and start uploading documents for your idea or business, or a few ideas, etc.

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