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GameFi 2.0: ArchLoot Promises Great Playability

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GameFi 2.0: ArchLoot Promises Great Playability

May 24
15:21 2022

SINGAPORE – May 24, 2022 – ArchLoot is a recently launched UGC-P2E game that provides highly interactive gameplay that is powered by on-chain implementation of upgradeable characters and props NFTs.  We recently carried out a closed beta test from the 18th to 22nd of this month.  

Core Pitch

Seizing, advertently or inadvertently on the limited nature of current NFT gaming technology as relates to user-generated changes (UGC), ArchLoot delivers an ecosystem of playability, accessibility, profitability and community. It also delivers on its promise of UGC robustness. Gaming in Web3 is supposed to provide high level entertainment and financial rewards for gamers. This is the central idea of play-to-earn (P2E) and ArchLoot provides a fine blend of entertainment and profitability by retaining the core elements of the P2E model while integrating NFT technology in highly advanced ways. 


ArchLoot is set on an adventurous planet called AL3. It features a rich landscape with exotic environmental elements, including volcanoes, wilderness, rivers, mountains, ice fields and much more. The gameplay is a mix of combat, exploration, climbing, and confrontation

The game offers significant creative freedom allowing instant user modification of in-game NFTs using EIP-4985 and BEP-129 protocols. Metadata, particularly performance and attributes can be modified and will be logged on-chain when it goes into the marketplace, which records and protects the efforts of the gamer. EIP-4985 and BEP-129 protocols also create digital properties in the form of numbers, which significantly lowers the barrier to cross-ecosystem collaboration.

ArchLoot adopted an integration approach in which single NFTs do not form whole avatars but can be combined to form avatars. The game provides robust possibilities to personalise avatars (monsters). Gamers can customise torsos, heads, upper and lower limbs and accessories from hundreds of choices, and their colour schemes, with each move unlocking or resetting in-game attributes in differentiated gamer-centric ways. 

These NFT parts have different abilities, and in traditional gaming fashion, the rarer the part, the more special the attributes. Enhancing, strengthening, or recombining parts will unleash unexpected skills and buff. Super equipped monsters carry extra-special attributes and can perform very unusual moves.

ArchLoot plays better than other P2E games by providing  more autonomy in avatar design, level up method, and multi-player socialisation. It adopts a non-linear RPG style avoiding TCGs and sidestepping the static, mechanical feel that plagues other P2E games. 

Avatar adjustment and the attribute reprogram that must follow, can happen at any time. PvP is available from a very early level and upon reaching Lv.10, there is a legacy system that allows manual allocation of gained exps, where you can decide to invest all of them in levelling up or improving monster parts. 

Diverse gameplay, including PVE, PVP, and Clan Wars, blend an evolving challenging paradigm with P2E. In a creation-friendly community, gamers will be spearheading their gameplay preferences, including self-defined maps, cosmetics, and much more.


Although the on-chain deposit and withdrawal functions worked well during our CBT, ArchLoot’s entire earning system was not disclosed to us. We did notice collectible gold tokens in the game which are redeemable for tickets of quests, but their relationship with actual tokenomics is something to be expected in the next phase.

Compared to other projects

Among the short-running Play-to-earn industry, it was some of a surprise to see the completeness of ArchLoot. It possesses all the fundamental components that would make a good game. With the revelation of its economical model and earning system, we will have a grounded decision on its future. 

Gathering talents from the world’s leading gaming publisher, blockchain projects, and financial elites, the team is currently operating across continents and is instrumental in achieving long-term success.

Media Contact
Company Name: Archloot
Contact Person: Casey Imafidon
Email: Send Email
Phone: +2341703238916
Country: Singapore
Website: https://www.archloot.com/