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Entrepreneurs invent ‘Sauce Salmon’ oven mitt to cut down on kitchen waste

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Entrepreneurs invent ‘Sauce Salmon’ oven mitt to cut down on kitchen waste

August 16
18:39 2022

For nearly a decade brothers and Marine Corps Veterans, Chet and Dane Peters, have been using household items to save waste at their barbecues, and when inflation soared in 2022 they decided it was time to make it a real product. “We used to just put condiment bottles in grocery bags and swing them around to get the sauce to the spout. But more often than not the bag would rip sending the bottle across the room,” they laughed.

Their invention is simple and effective. Everyone at some point struggles to get the last few ounces out of a bottle of condiments. Some companies have even designed their bottles to be stored upside down using gravity to help with the problem. But with a background in manufacturing and engineering, the brothers knew that they could do better. Centrifugal force is the driving power behind the Sauce Salmon’s magic. When you swing it around, all of the bottle contents are driven straight to the spout.

“There’s nothing else on the market like it. There is literally no more waste,” they boasted. And the features don’t end with that. The Sauce Salmon doubles as an oven mitt and an adorable hand puppet, although they claim that the biggest selling point thus far has been cutting down on wasted food. “People are spending their hard-earned money on gas and groceries at all time high prices. There has never been such high demand for savings in our lifetime,” they remarked.

They were right, too. When the Sauce salmon first launched in July, 2022, they surpassed $2000 in sales on the first day, and that was only the beginning. So far, their main traffic driving mechanism has been organic views on social media sites like TikTok and Instagram. “When people see the product in use, they are amazed at the amount of food that can be saved with it,” they explained, “People think we’re doing some sort of magic trick, but the truth is it’s just simple physics.”

The brothers are not new to business ventures either. Even as young kids they were running lemonade stands and learning about business models from their dad, also an entrepreneur. They studied engineering at The Ohio State University upon getting out of the military, but they claim their goal was always to be independent entrepreneurs. On top of their latest Sauce Salmon venture, they run the successful manufacturing and ecommerce brand, Milspin, out of Columbus, Ohio with 20 full-time team members. “Designing and manufacturing new innovative products has been our life since we finished engineering school in 2017,” they said, “We’ve never let our customers down, and they remember us for that. That’s how we have maintained such a high lifetime customer value. People know they can trust us to deliver.”

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