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How Legend1st is Changing the Digital Marketing Game in Dubai

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How Legend1st is Changing the Digital Marketing Game in Dubai

February 22
15:39 2023

Returning clients remain pleased with the company’s delivery of quality, technical expertise, and handling of custom requirements.

With the growing number of web development services in the UAE, finding a reliable digital marketing agency in Dubai remains a considerable challenge.

We recently spoke to the team at Legend1st and reached out to clients regarding their general impression of the service.

Our findings confirm that the service is already notable for web design and SEO services in Dubai. But their recent expansion of features and services prepare them to scale newer heights in web development and social media marketing in Dubai.

The service already enjoys a perfect 5-star record by customers on Google reviews. And given their impressive track record, this doesn’t look like it’ll change anytime soon. 

Legend1st’s web development expertise covers a wide range of digital marketing services that businesses clamor for today. However, their expertise is clearly visible in some of the selected services.

Their web design services alone offer 99% growth and 10x more clients. We did not find independent data to confirm the growth rate or increase in customers for their websites. However, businesses with a functional website by Legend1st all seem to be doing well and growing consistently. Startups seeking reliable website design in Dubai may do well to partner up with Legend1st.

To date, the company has garnered over 400 satisfied clients across almost 600 unique projects. With an ever-increasing base of customers and projects, Legend1st employs more than 200 team members who contribute to the projects through different departments. Given their not-so-long history in the industry, these numbers are certainly impressive.

It’s an organizational entity that’s impressive. Dedicated teams work on different elements of a project till its fruition. For instance, you’ll find the web design team working on a template, even as the graphics guys create delightful visuals that’ll decorate the website. All the while, the content team will continue generating excellent website copy and articles for the proposed project.

They recently worked with Nour Attorneys to create a website that runs smoothly, looks professional, remains informative, and engages visitors well. It’s an excellent example of the different teams at Legend1st working together to create a finished product that’s down to the client’s precise specifications. 

Services Offered 

Website Design

The web development team at Legend1st has worked with a variety of establishments ranging from small startups to large-scale business chains.

Their expertise includes advanced WordPress websites, e-commerce capabilities, Shopify, etc. But they’ve also delivered custom websites built from the ground up using Java, HTML, PHP, Python, etc.


Legend1st will not only build you a fantastic website, but they’ll also keep it visible and popping up on search engines. The hardest part of running a website is ensuring traffic and visits grow consistently. Legend1st uses Search Engine Optimization, as it’s called, as a strategy to tweak, tailor, and present your website so that it’s more noticeable and obvious on search engines like Google.

Businesses who have engaged their optimization services argue that they’re among the best SEO services in Dubai.

Graphic Design

The team also includes several graphics artists who bring together experience and expertise in all things visual. Legend1st’s graphic designers have created eye-catching visuals that pop, refine the appearance of websites, or come up with catchy logos that embody their customer’s business.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing in Dubai requires wit and intelligent strategy. Legend1st offers a dedicated team of marketing experts who are well-versed in social media. Everyone, from public personalities to local businesses, may find this service helpful.

They’ll manage your social media handles, run campaigns, conduct polls, or drive up followers and engagement. If you’ve recently noticed a business from UAE ramping up its social media presence, there’s a good chance that Legend1st’s media team is behind it.

Their social media marketing strategy is so successful that they’d easily survive as a standalone digital marketing agency in Dubai, even without their other services.

App Development

Legend1st also provides custom app development services to their customers, who represent a wide variety of businesses. Clients who wish to see a dedicated app for their business on Play Store, Apple Store, or both platforms can get in touch with Legend1st’s mobile app development team.

Content Writing

The writing team at Legend1st creates SEO-optimized, highly engaging, concise, and clear content that goes to customers’ sites. They engage writers who can drum up high-impact website copy or deliver informative blog articles, depending on what clients require.

Online Advertising

Recognizing the need for businesses to stay relevant online, Legend1st offers advertising and marketing services that run your business through online platforms, search engines, and social media.

This one is a go-to option for small businesses out of their depth and looking to gather some traction with customers online.

3D Video Production

The graphics and animation team at Legend1st work together to create 3D videos for clients who require next-level visual content.

They’ve delivered 3D animation content for ads, product launches, business pitches, and story-telling projects.

According to most clients, these eight services represent the core areas where Legend1st excels.

Web solutions aren’t the only forte they specialize in. Customers can use the Shop Section of their website to grab the latest software and soft solutions available today.

About Legend1st

Legend1st is a web development and digital marketing agency in Dubai with clients all over the region. They provide web solutions that enable small businesses to grow, emerging organizations to scale up, and established companies to flourish.

Legend1st began as a one-person service provider designing websites and fiddling with logos back in 2010. Two years on, the small startup transformed into a small team of industry professionals, extending their services to a wider base.

In the years since, the brand expanded across Egypt, Hong Kong, and the UK, apart from the UAE. Today, they operate from multiple continents while delivering global and local customized digital solutions to clients.

Clients seeking to enlist Legend1st’s expertise may ping them on WhatsApp, set up a Zoom call, or send a message to [email protected]. Locals near their physical locations may visit any of the offices mentioned above to enquire about their services. Residents in Dubai may simply step inside Office No. 402 at the Crystal Tower Business Bay between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM (Sundays to Fridays).

Readers who wish to learn more about Legend1st’s accomplishments and services may visit the website and read up on constantly updated information.

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