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The Reason Why Laser Cutting Air Compressors Are Becoming More And More Popular

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The Reason Why Laser Cutting Air Compressors Are Becoming More And More Popular

April 28
13:06 2023

With the development of CNC laser cutting machine technology, more and more metal processing enterprises use laser cutting special air compressors to process and manufacture equipment.

When the laser cutting machine is working normally, in addition to the operating table and processing machine tools, it also needs some other auxiliary equipment to ensure its normal operation. The auxiliary devices of general laser cutting machines include screw air compressors and water chillers. In order to ensure the cutting quality and cutting effect, clean, dry and stable air is needed, and they are indispensable.

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The function of the special air compressor for laser cutting is to provide a part of the cutting gas composed of high-purity oxygen and high-purity nitrogen to the cutting head, and the other part is used as a power source to supply the cylinder of the clamping workbench, and then a part is used for the optical path system. Purge and remove dust.

The compressed air discharged from the special air compressor for laser cutting passes through the air tank and degreaser, and then passes through air dryer and a three-stage precision filter set of sophisticated processing system to become clean and dry air, pressure and flow selection , The pressure and flow are different for each laser cutting machine manufacturer, which is inseparable from the size of the cutting nozzle and the thickness of the cutting material. The thickness of the cutting object has a great relationship with the choice of air pressure. When the gas pressure is too low, the plate is easy to hang slag. If the gas pressure is too high, the stability of the plate and equipment is difficult to guarantee.

The compressed air used in laser cutting has been fully treated to remove water and oil, and the clean compressed air is conducive to the stable operation of the fiber laser cutting machine; if the compressed air is not clean, it is easy to cause the machine’s protective lens to be oily, watery or dirty Substance, so that the optical path of the fiber laser cutting machine deviates or sometimes does not cut through and other factors during the cutting process.

The laser industry also has requirements for the pressure of the air compressor, which is generally used to cut the steel plate. If the required pressure cannot be achieved, the cutting of the steel plate cannot be completed well, and there will be problems in the cutting of the steel plate. It is not smooth, and even has rough edges and cannot be cut.

Many companies do not have a deep understanding of the role of air compressors, and do not pay attention to them, which often has a great impact on the quality of products cut by laser cutting machines. To sum up, we can see that choosing a suitable air compressor for laser cutting is also a top priority for the industry.

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