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JCC landed on BiFinance on April 28, and the Launchpad was sold out in just 5 seconds

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JCC landed on BiFinance on April 28, and the Launchpad was sold out in just 5 seconds

April 28
20:07 2023

From 11:00 on April 28th to 15:00 on April 28th (UTC+8), JCC officially landed on BiFinance for Launchpad snap-up. The total number of subscriptions this time is 200, each with 150,000 JCC. After Launchpad ends, BiFinance, an institutional-level digital asset platform, will be launched globally on the same day.

JCC project overview

JoinCare is a web3 physical health management product with the dual attributes of SocialFi+GameFI, and will realize the first project to effectively earn income from healthy living through the Metaverse field. Since STEPN, a sports project built on Solana, combined the incentive mechanism of blockchain Token and NFT, and introduced the concept of Move To Earn, its daily player number reached more than 500,000 in just 2 months after its launch, and the value of Token has soared all the way. Triggered the prevalence of the concept of X T Earn. The heavy launch of its token JCC may open another new ecology of H T Earn (Healthy TO earn).

JCC Project Features

A social, game, metaverse ecology that combines a healthy and regular life with the blockchain

Fun-filled GameFi

JoinCare combines games with digital currency incentives to provide users with a more diversified digital entertainment experience, manage users’ physical health with scientific methods, and also allow users to maintain a healthy lifestyle for a long time in an interesting way.

SocialFi formed by healthy topics with common hobbies

JoinCare integrates social media and blockchain technology to create a brand new social platform where users can share and learn health knowledge and experience, encourage, support and supervise each other, attract more people to participate in a healthy lifestyle, and form a positive social atmosphere.

Metaverse forming a complete pathway

JoinCare has attracted the attention of many users through the concept of healthy play and earning through the front-end X T Earn, and has formed a unique social atmosphere in the common health management topic. Equip yourself with NFT in the form of AKSO cards, and earn tokens through regular work and rest and effective scientific sports. These tokens can be used in social scenes or exchanged for sports equipment, hardware testing instruments, and upgrade NFT sports scenes And other scenarios, at the same time, you can also withdraw income on the digital currency exchange supported by the ecology. Formed a complete metaverse ecological pathway that drains from GameFi, precipitates with SocialFi, and marks with NFT.

About BiFinance

As an international cryptocurrency platform, BiFInance is professionally operated and maintained by industry top talents from many countries and regions, providing one-stop encrypted asset business for millions of users in more than 130 countries and regions. Relying on many years of experience as a broker in traditional finance, it is in the leading position in the industry in terms of technology platform, rich product line, security risk control system and operation and maintenance system.

Latest News

As a new platform, BiFinance has seen its previous Launchpad targets increase by more than 10 times, and its strong wealth-creating effect has attracted continuous attention from the community. At 11:00 (UTC+8) on April 28th, JCC started to sell out the quota in only 5 seconds. Currently, the subscription is still in progress, and the tokens of the winning users will be distributed in the form of lottery.

Media Contact
Company Name: BiFinance
Contact Person: Kara
Email: Send Email
City: DuBai
Country: United Arab Emirates
Website: https://www.bifinance.com/