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AI Hackathon, “HackGPT,” Fuels AI Advancement by Matching Builders and Creating an Open Source Hub to Create Custom LLM’s

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AI Hackathon, “HackGPT,” Fuels AI Advancement by Matching Builders and Creating an Open Source Hub to Create Custom LLM’s

May 03
17:32 2023

On May 13-14, 2023 a group of builders, “The Syndicate,” are hosting HackGPT, a Global AI Hackthan taking place in real time on TwitterSpaces over 48 hours. 

Leaders across most industries are seeing the rapid growth of AI and are preparing for the next technological revolution. HackGPT offers any individual or Fortune 2000 organization the opportunity to connect with other developers and AI leaders to build custom AI solutions that are targetted toward thier use cases. Custom LLM’s and AI models are emerging as promising models to enhance productivity, efficiency and growth of organizations. 

Event hosts, “The Syndicate,” is an open source developer community that is excited to host HackGPT. Their Founder, Michael Jagdeo, states: 

“The Syndicate’s fusion with a global community of trailblazing developers, data scientists, UX designers, and artists is poised to ignite an unprecedented AI-driven renaissance across industries.” 

HackGPT is free and open to the public, with a focus toward the following goals:

  • Unveiling the hidden potential of ChatGPT for unparalleled innovation

  • Empowering companies to protect their invaluable trade secrets, while leveraging cutting-edge, in-house AI solutions.

  • Cultivating a vibrant ecosystem of industry experts, enthusiasts, and professionals through collaboration and knowledge sharing.

  • Inspiring an AI-driven culture, motivating companies to explore transformative possibilities while prioritizing security and privacy.

  • Bounty programs that incentivize builders to focus on industry-specific solutions 

  • The hackathon will be powered by the HackGPT Matchmaking App, which will accelerate the connection of Founders with Bounties and Dev Teams and Digital Mercenaries.

The HackGPT Hackathon unites hands-on developers and visionary leaders, igniting a firestorm of innovation over the course of 48 hours!

The open source model arrives out of the “Syndicate’s” dedication to building in public and helping other’s build custom LLM’s. In fact, eager Founders like Roland Akwensivie of Delmi Media Inc. have already started commissioning solutions even before the hackathon begins.

One beneficiary of such efforts is Casey Rettke who the Syndicate is helping to build a custom LLM for loan underwriters. He writes: 

“The Syndicate Experience transforms dreams into realities at warp speed. A nebulous concept has evolved into a groundbreaking multi-AI system that will redefine loan origination and underwriting.” – Casey Rettke

This hackathon promises to usher in a new era of building in public. United by a common goal, teams of developers collaborate to create AI solutions that tackle real-world challenges, competing for bounties and prizes. 

Joseph Chicas, a partner of the Syndicate and emerging AI leader, is especially excited for the opportunity to help people work on AI solutions that solve real world problems. He states: 

“AI unlocks the true potential of building in public and harnessing open-source models. HackGPT will enable visionaries to develop custom LLMs that will change the world, and change industries”

Participants can register for HackGPT on www.hackgpt.tech and are encouraged to join the discord to connect with other leaders and builders in the AI eco-system. 

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