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Delcin Consulting Group, in honor of its ancestral heritage, waives business filing fees for the month of June

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Delcin Consulting Group, in honor of its ancestral heritage, waives business filing fees for the month of June

June 09
12:20 2023
During National Immigrant Heritage Month, Catherine Delcin honors her father, Yllorius Delcin.

The United States, known as the land of opportunity, has a rich history of welcoming immigrants who have made significant societal contributions. In honor of National Immigrant Heritage Month, Delcin Consulting Group pays tribute to its patriarchal roots, Yllorius Delcin, an immigrant from Haiti, and celebrates the legacy built by this entrepreneurial family by waiving the business filing fees for the month of June.

Yllorius Delcin arrived in the United States on November 5, 1983, motivated by the desire to give his children a better life. His daughter Catherine Delcin passionately upholds his sacrifices, diligence, and fortitude today, forty years later, as she carries on his legacy. Catherine founded the Delcin Consulting Group, which supports the entrepreneurial community by providing people from various backgrounds with the resources they need to create successful enterprises.

Delcin Consulting Group provides extensive assistance to aspiring entrepreneurs because it knows that a sizeable portion of enterprises fails due to a lack of suitable resources. Catherine and her team offer the resources and direction required for successful business operations, drawing inspiration from her father’s entrepreneurial path.

According to reports, despite making up just over 13.6 percent of the population and 17.1 percent of the labor force in the country, immigrant entrepreneurs made up 21.7 percent of all business owners in 2019.

“My father, Mr. Delcin, has been an entrepreneur since the age of 13, selling hats and various merchandise,” says Catherine Delcin, President of Delcin Consulting Group. “He instilled in me the importance of entrepreneurship in sustaining individuals, local economies, and the overall economy. It is an honor to carry on his vision and empower others to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.”

Entrepreneurship has always been a driving force for the Delcin family. Their passion for building impactful businesses is reflected in the services provided by Delcin Consulting Group. From business planning and strategy to legal and financial advice, the firm offers comprehensive support tailored to each client’s unique needs.

In the American entrepreneurial scene, immigrants have long been a major player. Recent data shows that a sizeable portion of business owners are immigrants, which helps to drive economic expansion and job development.

The Walnut Creek, California-based Delcin Consulting Group has added three new locations, now serving clients all over California. The company is dedicated to enabling people from all backgrounds, and as a result, it keeps having a beneficial influence on the entrepreneurial community. To that end, Delcin Consulting Group will waive business filing fees for all new immigrant clients for the month of June.

About Delcin Consulting Group

Delcin Consulting Group is a leading firm serving the entrepreneurial community. With a focus on empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds, the company provides comprehensive resources and guidance for building impactful businesses. Headquartered in Walnut Creek, CA, Delcin Consulting Group is committed to supporting the entrepreneurial spirit and fostering economic growth.

Learn more about Delcin Consulting Group at: www.delcinconsultinggroup.com

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