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The Raybird-3 UAV Sets Endurance Records on the Frontline

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The Raybird-3 UAV Sets Endurance Records on the Frontline

September 06
09:38 2023

The Raybird-3 UAV system, manufactured by the Ukrainian company Skyeton, is achieving remarkable success in reconnaissance missions within the Zaporizhzhia region, aiding in the destruction of millions of dollars worth of enemy equipment. Thanks to its optimal flight altitude and advanced navigation, the aircraft maintains stable flight patterns, effectively evading enemy air defense systems.

The operational deployment of the Raybird-3 UAV has brought about a significant transformation in intelligence operations within the Zaporizhzhia region. Operating at altitudes ranging from 2,500 to 4,500 meters, the enemy’s air defense systems cannot detect the drone’s signals and target it for destruction.

“During the Zaporizhzhia mission, hostile forces attempted to take down several UAVs. While another drone flying at 1,800 meters was shot down, the Raybird-3 ascended to a higher altitude of 2,300 meters to evade the attack. The enemy’s anti-aircraft systems struggled to identify and engage the target accurately. Evading these threats, the drone continued its flight, acquiring the coordinates of enemy equipment. These coordinates were then relayed to the artillery units, who subsequently engaged and neutralized the enemy equipment,” stated military officials.

Thanks to its sophisticated software architecture, control mechanisms, and navigation systems, the Raybird-3 UAV seamlessly transitions between systems even in electronic warfare. Consequently, even if one frequency channel of the UAV is compromised, the other channels remain operational. For instance, the aircraft can be controlled using telemetry data, which provides precise information about altitude, speed, pressure, and more. If telemetry data becomes inaccessible, control can be maintained using the live map feed and video transmission.

The UAV’s exceptional flight stability during reconnaissance missions enables it to support multiple fronts simultaneously. The Raybird-3 can remain airborne for up to 24 hours without requiring refueling and cover more than 2,000 kilometers per flight, being more than 100 kilometers deep into enemy territory.

“During missions, we can undertake reconnaissance tasks previously assigned to other UAV systems in the event of their incapacitation. By altering the drone’s course, we can accomplish numerous tasks in a single flight,” explained military personnel.

Representatives from Skyeton, the company responsible for developing this system, emphasized that the Raybird-3 holds the potential to significantly enhance reconnaissance capabilities both on the frontlines and in border surveillance.

“At present, a single Raybird-3 is capable of conducting an impressive number of sorties, providing support to aircraft on various fronts. On average, one UAV at the front makes up to 5 sorties, while one Raybird-3 aircraft shows the result of dozens of missions. Our primary objective is to meet the military’s requirements, driving continuous equipment improvement,” remarked Skyeton representatives.

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