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Majid Khaliq Redefines the Boundaries of Contemporary Music with Third Album, “No Looking Back”

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Majid Khaliq Redefines the Boundaries of Contemporary Music with Third Album, “No Looking Back”

September 21
13:09 2023
Majid Khaliq Redefines the Boundaries of Contemporary Music with Third Album, "No Looking Back"

It is with immense excitement that we introduce the world to Majid Khaliq’s third album, “No Looking Back,” a masterpiece co-produced alongside the illustrious four-time GRAMMY Award-winner Lenny White. This transformative musical endeavor, released under the banner of Bassline Live Records, marks an epochal moment in contemporary music.

Majid Khaliq’s “No Looking Back” represents an audacious convergence of genres and influences, seamlessly interweaving the melodic allure of 80s synth-pop rock, the rhythmic cadence of Golden Era Hip-Hop, and the emotive power of jazz fusion violin. Informed by legends like Return to Forever, Khaliq forges a multi-dimensional string orchestra sound infused with a jazz-rock sensibility that is nothing short of mesmerizing.

The eponymous title track, “No Looking Back,” pays homage to the legendary Seattle rock sound. Khaliq’s violin virtuosity takes center stage, while the addition of Andrew Freeman’s square synth lead propels listeners into a celestial musical galaxy that defies gravity.

“Proof,” featuring the enchanting vocals of Ciara Leah, explores the inner yearning for love amidst a world that often conspires against it. Khaliq’s solo violin work infuses the composition with depth and yearning, while a groovy bassline serves as an additional set of rhythmic drums guiding us through the emotional landscape.

“Mr. RG” captures the infectious energy of 90s house music, offering a rhythmic dance pulse that is irresistible. Majid Khaliq’s virtuosic violin lines transport listeners into uncharted dimensions, igniting an auditory revolution.

“Sprinkles,” featuring Yancyabril, infuses classic neo-soul vibes into the album, crafting lush harmonies and meticulously crafted soundscapes that evoke the spirit of “first loves.”

“As I Shift Through the Change,” featuring Brooklyn-based rapper Chelsea Reject, artfully blends music and lyrical storytelling. Reject’s lyrical prowess is elevated by Lenny White’s impeccable 80’s Boom Bap drum beat, delivering a message of profound significance.

The grand finale, “You,” featuring Yancyabril, is an exhilarating emotional rollercoaster, guiding listeners through the echoes of the past and the pulsations of the present. Majid’s transcendent string sound entwines seamlessly with Yancyabril’s enchanting vocal chorus, creating a transformative musical revelation.

“No Looking Back” is a testament to Majid Khaliq’s evolution as an artist, masterfully melding diverse influences into a captivating and innovative musical narrative. With unrivaled string virtuosity and heartfelt vocal performances, Khaliq’s artistic vision shines brilliantly, leaving an indelible imprint on the musical landscape.

Join us in celebrating the global release of “No Looking Back” on September 15th, 2023. Prepare to embark on this groundbreaking musical journey that promises to redefine the boundaries of contemporary music.

“Majid’s music and style presents a disruption from the status quo. The contemporary violin will have to be viewed differently because of Majid.” ~ Lenny White.

For more information, please visit www.majidviolin.com.


Majid Khaliq is an extraordinary violinist and composer, hailing from a lineage of musical brilliance. He has carved a path through the realm of jazz, infusing his virtuosic violin skills with a wide-ranging palette of influences. With an education from the renowned Juilliard School and Queens College’s Aaron Copland School of Music, Majid possesses the technical prowess and deep musical understanding to captivate audiences with his performances. Wynton Marsalis, a titan of jazz, recognizes the exceptional talents of Majid Khaliq. Marsalis has described him as a musician cut from a different cloth, praising his ability to blend improvisation, groove, and technical sophistication into a truly distinctive musical tapestry. Majid’s command over his instrument is nothing short of remarkable, allowing him to effortlessly navigate the worlds of European classical, jazz, and hip-hop with equal finesse. Throughout his career, Majid has graced the stage alongside a multitude of esteemed artists, an honor bestowed upon only the most gifted musicians. From sharing melodies with the likes of Wynton Marsalis, Mr. Cheeks, Antonio Hart, and Regina Carter, to collaborating with giants such as Marcus Miller, Itzhak Perlman, and Lenny White, Majid has firmly established himself as a sought-after musical companion. In 2008, Majid Khaliq’s exceptional talent was recognized with the prestigious Edward and Sally Van Lier Fellowship Award for composition. This accolade served as a testament to his creativity and skill in crafting original musical works. Majid’s compositional prowess was further showcased in 2011 with the release of his successful debut jazz recording, “The Basilisk.” This album served as a testament to his artistry and laid the foundation for his subsequent musical endeavors. Majid’s musical odyssey continued with the formation of his hip-hop band, Ma*Jid, and the release of two mixtape albums titled “Sfumato Symphony Volume 1 & 2.” These projects demonstrated his ability to seamlessly blend genres and push the boundaries of traditional musical categorizations.

His innovative approach to music has garnered him recognition, as he has consistently found a place on Downbeat Magazine’s Rising Violinist list since 2015. In 2018, Majid Khaliq released his highly anticipated second studio album, “SOUND OF A FLOWER.” This masterpiece unveiled a sonic landscape that resonated deeply with listeners, leading to a sold-out release concert at National Sawdust. Majid’s music found its way into the hearts of fans and onto the airwaves, enjoying tremendous radio success. Before the world was gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019, Majid embarked on a successful tour in Eastern Canada and Japan, sharing his musical prowess with diverse audiences. The transformative power of his performances transcends borders, captivating listeners across the globe with his unique musical expression. In 2021, Majid’s exceptional talent was once again recognized when he received the Bronx Council on the Arts BRIO Award for musical excellence. This prestigious accolade served as a testament to his dedication to the craft and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of musical innovation. As the world emerged from the grip of the lockdown in 2022, Majid Khaliq seized the opportunity to showcase his artistry at festivals in the NY Tristate area. His performances mesmerized audiences, leaving them yearning for more of his enchanting melodies and improvisational brilliance. In recognition of his immense talent, Majid was appointed to the faculty of the Blaine Jazz Festival, where he not only performed but also imparted his wisdom through improvisation masterclasses. Continuing to explore new sonic territories, Majid released three captivating singles in 2022, featuring Yancyabril, a rising vocal star from America’s Got Talent. These collaborations showcased the boundless creativity and versatility of Majid’s musical vision, captivating listeners with their beauty and emotional depth.Anticipation is high as Majid prepares for the release of his third studio album, “NO LOOKING BACK,” in 2023. Produced by the legendary jazz figure Lenny White, this album promises to be a musical journey like no other. Majid’s innovative spirit and unwavering commitment to his craft ensure that his musical endeavors will continue to inspire and captivate audiences for years to come.


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