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Reimagining Cinema: Shivan Giri’s Dedication to Social Narratives

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Reimagining Cinema: Shivan Giri’s Dedication to Social Narratives

October 30
12:27 2023

“Our latest films delve into the transformative journey toward self-acceptance and confront the root causes of societal hatred,” remarks Shivan Giri, Creative Producer at Technicolor Dream Productions.

Dubai-based Shivan Giri has been making waves in the international film circuit with an array of engaging projects. Currently working with one of the largest production houses in India, Shivan is a force to be reckoned with. Having initially started his career in engineering, Shivan’s unquenchable passion for storytelling and film led him to switch lanes. After completing his film studies in Los Angeles, he began to rapidly ascend the ranks of the industry, receiving both audience and critical acclaim for his endeavours.

His first breakthrough came with a short film titled “Abs of Steel,” which was honoured with a selection at the prestigious Los Angeles Film Festival. This poignant story of a young man struggling with body image issues and finding courage in vulnerability garnered attention, setting the stage for Shivan’s subsequent work. As the film gained momentum in various festivals, opportunities unfolded for Shivan, culminating in his role as a Creative Producer. 

Shivan has since collaborated with Hollywood heavyweights and Bollywood visionaries alike. One of his standout projects is the pilot episode “Fracture,” in collaboration with director Joel Novoa, known for the hit Netflix series “Cobra Kai.” The episode tackles difficult themes such as systemic racism and multi-generational prejudice, all wrapped up in the personal narrative of a taxi driver and his son. The project has caught the eye of major distributors, with plans for a full-scale release on OTT platforms by December 2023.

Continuing to focus on important social narratives, Shivan is currently developing his earlier work, “Abs of Steel,” into a TV series. Filming is slated to commence in June 2023 in Mumbai, India. As the Creative Producer, Shivan is invested in both the conceptual and practical aspects of the show, ensuring that the core themes resonate throughout the series.

While Shivan acknowledges the inherent challenges and risks in the film industry, including the potential for rejection, his unwavering commitment to his craft keeps him pressing forward. “The obstacles are numerous, but the joy in creating something meaningful and impactful makes every hurdle worthwhile,” Shivan says.

In an era where discussions around self-acceptance and the eradication of hate are becoming increasingly crucial, Shivan’s projects stand as a testament to the power of cinema to inspire and challenge societal norms. His trajectory demonstrates that regardless of origins initial career path, relentless passion and an unyielding commitment to one’s craft can result in remarkable achievements. The film world eagerly awaits what Technicolor Dream Productions and Shivan Giri have lined up for the future.

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