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Agricultural Bank of China ups support for “Best Tourism Villages”

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Agricultural Bank of China ups support for “Best Tourism Villages”

November 01
16:28 2023

In the latest announcement by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), four Chinese villages have earned a coveted spot on the “Best Tourism Villages” list for 2023.The villages are Huangling village in Jiangxi province, Xiajiang village in Zhejiang province, Zhagana village in Gansu province, and Zhujiawan village in Shanxi province. Together with the 2021 selected Yucun village in Zhejiang province and Xidi village in Anhui province and 2022 selected Dazhai village in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, Jingzhu village in Chongqing municipality, China’s total number of selected villages reached 8, ranking first in the world.

As one of the main driving force of rural revitalization, Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) has continuously increased credit investment and innovated financial products and services to accelerate the development of rural cultural tourism. Through providing financial support to “Best Tourism Villages”, ABC helps every village show its unique beauty and recall people’s memories of the hometown.

“This platform not only allows tourists to buy online tickets in advance, but also realizes the accurate release of tickets during peak and off season through using big data.” Pema Tionzhub, general manager in Zhagana scenic area, introduced while showing the mini program “Hidden Place Zhagana” that visitors can easily know the streaming foot traffic data and choose the travel time by using this platform. Today, Zhagana scenic place is well-ordered with more than 5000 visitors a day on average during peak season.

Zhagana scenic area is a breathtaking place composed of stone forests, mountain peaks, forests, meadows, plateau lakes, monasteries, and villages. In recent years, Zhagana has seen a travel rush and a boom in tourism.To accelerated the development of Zhagana village, ABC Diebu sub-branch has given active support to build “Smart Scenic Area” of Zhagana since 2020. In addition, the sub-branch has increased “benefit farmers e-loan” to help the villagers to set up “tibetan farm stay” businesses, expanding the scale of operation and realizing the increase of income and wealth.

Industrial revitalization is the foundation of rural revitalization.In recent years, Xiajiang village in Zhejiang province has actively cultivated red study tour, lodging, leisure and sightseeing, agricultural tourism picking and other industries, as well as exploring in the field of cultural and creative products, outdoor sports and other areas. ABC Hangzhou sub-branch has pledged stronger financial support for the development of special industries in Xiajiang village, a total of 55.71 million yuan of agricultural development Bank loans issued for the large Xiajiang consortium,while Fengshuling Township issued a project loan of 10.5 million yuan for the construction of the large Xiajiang Loudi camping base, the grand canyon adventure base of Qiandao lake, Xiajiang modern industrial park and ancillary facilities, etc., providing financial support for the construction of the “future village” in Xiajiang village.

In Huangling village located in Jiangxi province, ABC Wuyuan sub-branch has set up a multi-level marketing team to visit homestay operators to learn their business and financing needs. Taking “benefit farmers e-loan” as the pillar, Wuyuan sub-branch has provided operators with financial products that feature no mortgage, low interest rate, simple procedures, and flexible borrow and return system. For the convenience of customers, the sub-branch comprehensively promotes PAD mobile operation, realizes the customer information archive, credit limit measurement, review and approval and other online services, improves the efficiency of the loan. In Huangling village, Wuyuan sub-branch supports the development of more than 30 homestays with a loan amount of nearly 10 million yuan.  

Zhujiawan village is located in the hinterland of Qinling Mountains, which is the core area of the Niubeiliang National Nature Reserve. Since the construction of Niubeiliang National Forest Park, ABC Zhashui sub-branch has strengthened its docking with the scenic spot, and invested 40 million yuan in 2013 to support the scenic spot’s construction, which drove 84 poor households in the vicinity to increase their incomes and lift themselves out of poverty.

In recent years, Zhashui sub-branch has invested 30 million yuan in loans for the construction of the cable car in scenic areas. Relying on ecological advantages, Zhashui Sub-branch strongly supports the development of lodging and homestays in Zhujiawan village. The bank also built a boutique service point in Zhujiawan village, paving the way for the “last kilometer” of financial services in the countryside.

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