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“Emerging From the Dark: Stroke… The Untold Stories” – A Triumph of Resilience and Hope by Author Terence Ang

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“Emerging From the Dark: Stroke… The Untold Stories” – A Triumph of Resilience and Hope by Author Terence Ang

November 10
22:54 2023
“Emerging from the Dark: Stroke… The Untold Stories,” delves into the heart of stroke survival. Through personal stories and vibrant illustrations, author Terence Ang—himself a stroke survivor—offers a tapestry of resilience and determination. This deeply personal work, which has earned the Firebird Book Award and the Literary Titan Gold Book Award, serves as a beacon of hope, showing that life after a stroke can be reimagined with courage and support.

In the revelatory new book, “Emerging from the Dark: Stroke… The Untold Stories,” author Terence Ang lends his voice and artistry to the silent struggles of stroke survivors. It is with a somber heart that this book is dedicated to the loving memory of two individuals whose stories grace the pages and who have since passed away, their spirit and strength enduring inspirations.

This book is not just a collection of stories; it is an ongoing dialogue about life, loss, and the relentless courage to keep moving forward. As Ang himself contends with personal health scares, his resolve only strengthens—to spread awareness and prepare for life’s unpredictable nature.

Described as “a refreshingly candid look into the experiences of stroke survivors” by the Self-Publishing Review, the book has been lauded for its authenticity, earning it a four-star rating.

“Emerging From the Dark” is unique not only in content but in form. Readers will find pages infused with the author’s diverse, hand-drawn illustrations, varying typefaces, and raw, heartfelt narratives that bring forth the fears, frustrations, and hope to recalibrate lives.

The recognition for Ang’s contribution to literature and stroke awareness has been widespread. His work has been honored with the prestigious Firebird Book Award for 2023 and several other notable accolades across festivals and award ceremonies.

Adding to the list of prestigious accolades is the Literary Titan Gold Book Award. Literary Titan heralds the book as a “poignant exploration into the multifaceted journey of recovery,” praising the intimate, inspiring accounts and the enlightening psychological perspectives it provides.

“Emerging From the Dark” is a call to action—a beacon of hope for those touched by stroke, their caregivers, and anyone who seeks to understand the profound impacts of this condition. Through the stirring stories and Ang’s expressive art, the book illuminates paths to inner peace and collective strength that can emerge even from the darkest of times.

As Terence Ang continues to work on his third book, his message is clear: no one should face the aftermath of a stroke alone, and everyone has the capacity to overcome and adapt. This book is a testament to that enduring spirit.

“Emerging from the Dark: Stroke. . . The Untold Stories” is available now on Kindle and in paperback and hardcover on Amazon.

About the Book

“Emerging From the Dark: Stroke… The Untold Stories” is a profound journey through the lives touched by a silent scourge that leaves its mark on body and soul. This book is a collection of raw, unfiltered narratives and heartfelt illustrations, each a beacon in the fog of recovery. Here, the whispered fears and the unspoken struggles of stroke survivors are given a voice, resonating with the power of shared experience. From the depths of despair blooms a garden of resilience, as each story unveils the relentless pursuit of a new dawn. The author’s artistry weaves a visual and emotional tapestry that captures not just the pain but the profound moments of triumph in the face of life’s most daunting challenges.

“Emerging From the Dark” is more than a book; it’s a companion for those walking the tightrope between what was and what can be a guide for the caregivers forging paths in uncharted territories, and a tribute to the departed, whose legacies inspire steps forward. In these pages, hope takes flight—reminding us all that even in our darkest hours, the human spirit is indomitable.

About the Author

Terence Ang knows the stroke survivor’s journey all too well. His career as a director of digital marketing in Singapore was abruptly altered by a stroke in 2020, propelling him into a new, daunting reality. This transformative experience led to his first book and now “Emerging from the Dark,” which binds together the tales of resilience and recovery from other survivors.

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