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Beyond Slim® Debuts Its Nightly Drink Mix for Improved Sleep and Beauty Benefits

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Beyond Slim® Debuts Its Nightly Drink Mix for Improved Sleep and Beauty Benefits

February 10
11:04 2024
Beyond Slim® Debuts Its Nightly Drink Mix for Improved Sleep and Beauty Benefits
Beyond Slim®️
Beyond Slim® launches Radiant Sleep Nightly (RSN™), a new product to promote better sleep and beautify hair, skin and nails.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Beyond Slim® is proud to introduce Radiant Sleep Nightly (RSN™), a revolutionary cocoa-flavored drink mix designed to redefine nightly routines. Crafted with a blend of advanced nutritional ingredients, RSN™ promotes restful sleep while at the same time providing support for more luxurious hair, glowing skin, and stronger nails.

RSN™ Explained 

This sleeping beauty elixir, offers a new bedtime self-care experience, ensuring a peaceful slumber while working to enhance natural beauty. RSN™ has a delicious natural cocoa flavor and dreamy texture, making it a treat to enjoy before bedtime. It not only promotes restful sleep but also rejuvenates appearances, helping people wake up feeling refreshed and looking radiant. With scientifically proven ingredients, this innovative blend goes beyond traditional sleep aids to deliver visible improvements in hair shine, more youthful skin, and nail strength. 

Unlike traditional sleep aids, RSN™ goes beyond simply inducing sleep. Its scientifically advanced formula features ingredients chosen to enhance skin elasticity, promote hair shine and volume, and strengthen nails. With RSN™, people can upgrade their nightly ritual that not only ensures a peaceful sleep but also enhances inner and outer beauty. 

“We’re so excited about the launch of RSN!” says Ray Faltinsky, Founder & CEO of Beyond Slim. “There is no product on the market quite like RSN!  It’s the first delicious-tasting drink mix we know of with hard science demonstrating outstanding sleep benefits while at the same time also creating a more youthful, glowing appearance!  It’s a game-changer in the marketplace!” 

Ingredients Behind RSN™ 

Beyond Slim®’s RSN™ comprises a Proprietary RSN™ Sleep Blend and a Proprietary RSN™ Beauty Blend. These blends include cutting-edge ingredients that promote restful sleep and support skin, nail and hair health. The Proprietary RSN™ Beauty Blend comprises an array of ingredients, including Methylsulfonylmethane, Biotin, Red Orange ComplexⓇ, Hyaluronic Acid, and other vitamins and minerals for lasting health 

Methylsulfonylmethane is a compound studied to improve hair shine and volume, skin firmness, and hydration. It is this key ingredient that enhances overall nail strength and shine. Biotin helps the body metabolize protein and fats, which leads to stronger nails, thicker hair and radiant and clear skin.

The Red Orange Complex® in RSN™ is known for its skin benefits in both men and women. This complex has the potential to help the skin fight signs of aging, hinder skin damage and provide temporary relief from menopausal side effects in women. RSN™ also contains vitamin D and other vitamins and minerals to maintain a youthful skin glow, shinier hair and stronger and longer nails. 

The Proprietary RSN™ Sleep Blend used in this product is made of sleep-boosting ingredients such as Melatonin, Magnesium, Herbal sleep helpers, and other beneficial sleep ingredients. Melatonin helps your body fall asleep faster and helps you wake up energized and refreshed. The magnesium in this mix has been researched and proven to improve overall sleep time and quality of sleep. Chamomile, Passionflower, and Lemon Balm are all-natural herbal sleep helpers that help relax the body and mind. 

Beyond Slim®’s RSN™ is more than just a sleep aid; it’s a solution for both beauty and wellness. By prioritizing restful sleep and enhancing the beauty of hair, skin, and nails, RSN™ will completely change how one approaches daily life. Consumers can now experience the power of RSN™ and wake up to be more radiant and revalitized with a simple new addition to a beauty routine. 

For more information please visit https://beyondslim.com/

About Beyond Slim® 

Beyond Slim® is a community on a mission to help millions become Fitter, Healthier, and Happier. Driven to go beyond the status quo, we proudly deliver cutting-edge nutrition, proven programs, and a revolutionary distribution model. Beyond Slim®’s new RSN™ Radiant Sleep Nightly sleep mix is filled with cutting-edge ingredients scientifically researched to help promote relaxation and more restful sleep while at the same time supporting healthier hair, more youthful skin, and stronger nails.†They have been featured in Fox, Forbes, and New You.

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